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MAUI 5 Review: Best Audio System for Growing Families?

Meet the MAUI 5
Meet the MAUI 5

MAUI 5: Great Audio System for the Home and for Outdoor Parties

LD Systems packed as many features and power as they could with their ultraportable home audio system, the MAUI 5. This bad boy is pretty versatile as it has various connectivity options but more importantly, delivers great sound quality at insane volume levels. It’s an all-around audio system for a house or office that won’t leave a gaping hole in your bank account.

We have to say that these guy are legit with their features. We’ve been using the MAUI 5 at our condo for the last two weeks and we were literally blown away with it’s versatility and power. Read on for our complete review.

Assembling It: Painless and Easy

It's the tall column speaker on the left, hehe.
It’s the tall column speaker on the left, hehe.

At first we thought it would be a huge pain to set this up. However it was the complete opposite. We popped open the box and we saw three stackable columns, a couple of manuals, a microphone, the power cable, and the base unit. Putting it together was straightforward. Stack the columns on top one another and lock them at the base. Painless. Quick. Intuitive.

From there plug it to the wall outlet, turn it on, and pick your connection of choice: Bluetooth, standard aux line, and hi-z inputs. All of this can be used simultaneously (instruments, music players, etc) because the MAUI 5 is also a 4-channel mixer.

Lots of I/O options
Lots of I/O options

The multiple individual controls, subwoofer, and master volume gives great control to make sure you get the optimum output you want if you’re mixing for live music or DJ’ing. For the time we had with the MAUI 5, we used mostly the standard audio in and the Bluetooth connection. It worked perfectly and without any hassle with our smartphone, Apple TV, and laptop.

We had one trip where we actually brought this with us and it wasn’t a hassle to bring for our out-of-town-trip. We just removed the three columns, packed it inside a bag, and then stuffed the base unit at the back of our car. We easily reassembled it when we got to our outdoor venue. We connected it to a mic and boom it became our main audio system for our outdoor party. Pretty slick.


So how loud can the MAUI 5 go? Technically speaking it delivers 800 watts of peak power with a maximum SPL of 120 DB. In non-technical terms, it can easily fill an entire big house with music and you’ll probably get complaints from people next door if you crank it up to max volume. It also worked well outdoors when we had our family party.

Two thumbs up from us at Unbox!
Two thumbs up from us at Unbox!

We’re also happy to report that the sound quality doesn’t get compromised when you tune up the volume. The bass is solid and tight. Highs are clear and mids are very detailed.

Final Verdict: The Perfect All-Around Audio System for the Family

With an SRP of Php44,990, the LD Systems MAUI 5 is the perfect audio system for a growing family. It works for the living room and it can be used for a variety of activities: sound tripping, videoke, and even band performances of your kids and their friends. Heck you can even bring it with you when you go out camping.

We highly recommend it given the price, quality, and the peace of mind that comes with the 2-year warranty. We don’t have a list of stores carrying it but we did see it on display in several branches of Astro Vision. You might want to test it there and see for yourself how good it is. 🙂

Carlo Ople

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