Mecha Leopard Transformer USB Flash Drive 16GB

That’s actually a USB drive, lol. 16GB pa! Win.

Transformer USB Flash Drive 16GB

Here’s another great find from! This is probably the coolest 16gb USB flash memory drive available in the Philippines right now, lol. I’m not sure if it’s licensed by the guys who actually made the Transformers but this USB flash drive transforms from a car to this panther or leopard robot. More photos below!

What it originally looks like
There’s a slider at the bottom that you toggle to push out the USB connector
Transforms to this cool looking robot! You’ll definitely NOT misplace this on your desk. Looks too awesome.

Available for Php1,630 at

Carlo Ople

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  1. I just checked out the Galleon website. It seems their products are from the States. Does it mean there is a waiting time of more than a week to have the item delivered to your doorstep?

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