MediaTek Debuts Helio P65 Processor

A budget-oriented processor with support for 48-megapixel cameras

MediaTek unveiled a new processor with the Helio P65. The new SoC is not an upgrade over the P60; instead, it is a lower-end chip that offers support for 48-megapixel cameras that utilize Quad Bayer pixel-binning tech.

The Helio P65 uses a 2+6 CPU core layout, comprising of 2 Cortex-A75 cores and 6 Cortex-A55 cores. For the GPU side, the Helio P65 uses a lower-end Mali-G52 GPU, so don’t expect it to have better graphics performance than the Helio P60 and P70.

Like its siblings, the Helio P65 comes with an NPU that MediaTek claims is better than the one found on the Helio P60 and P70. Unlike the Helio P60 and P70, however, the Helio P65 only supports eMMC 5.1 and single-channel LPDDR4X RAM.

Aside from having support for 48-megapixel cameras, the Helio P65 supports H.265, EIS, Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC), and up to 1080p60 video recording.

MediaTek did not announce when the Helio P65 will be available as of press writing.


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