MediaTek Officially Launches Helio X30, P20, P25 Chipsets

MediaTek’s mid-range and performance offerings have started to become the perennial favorites of manufacturers looking for powerful yet affordable chipsets to power their phones, and the silicon manufacturer is looking to build on their success with three new chipsets, namely the P20, the P25 and the X30.

There’s few details available for the new chipsets, so until MediaTek officially publishes the complete spec sheet for the trio, we’ll have to go with second hand accounts of the new SoCs. The P20 and the P25 obviously builds on the successful, octa-core P10 that powered many devices this year, sporting a 20% increase on overall CPU and GPU performance. They’re also supposed to be less power hungry, and are said to consume 25% less power than the P10. They’re also built on TSMC’s new 16nm manufacturing process.

the X30 on the other hand, is built on TSMC’s 10nmn manufacturing process, and still sports a deca-core setup. MediaTek’s upped the clock speed of every cluster to above 2.0GHz – the quad Cortex-A35 cores are now running at 2.0GHz, the quad A53 cores are now running at 2.3GHz, and the new A73 cores are running at a blistering 2.8GHz. The new chipset sports a PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 GPU running at 850MHz, and it can support up to 8GB of RAM, as well as 4K video recording and playback up to 30fps as well as Cat. 10 LTE.

No word yet when the new chipsets will appear in devices.

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