MediaTek to Officially Launch 5G Processors on November 26

It will reportedly be known as MT6885 and MT6873

After announcing that it will unveil its first 5G chip last May, MediaTek confirmed that it will formally unveil it on November 26 at the MediaTek summit. Based on promo materials gathered so far, MediaTek’s 5G chip will be internally known as MT6885 and will be used to power OPPO and vivo phones.

Based on previous rumors, the MT6885 will use a 7nm process and will utilize Cortex-A77 CPU cores and Mali-G77 GPU cores, along with support for sub-6Ghz 5G frequencies. Other features of the said chip include a third-generation AI processing engine, native support for up to 80-megapixel cameras, and 4K60 video recording.

The MediaTek MT6885Z in the flesh. Photo from IsaDoesTech.

Aside from the MT6885, MediaTek is expected to launch a mid-range 5G chip as well. This SoC will be internally known as MT6873 and will be also manufactured using the 7nm process. Unlike the MT6885, the MT6873 will use Cortex-A76 CPU cores instead.

The MT6885 is reportedly in mass production and will be available by Q1 2020. The MT6873, on the other hand, will enter mass production by Q2 2020.

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