MediaTek Working On 12-core Processors With 7nm Process This Year


10-cores is so 2016

If you thought that MediaTek’s deca-core (10-core) processors like the X20, X25 and the X30 are crazy enough on their own, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Taiwanese company is reportedly working on a 12-core (dodeca?) processor slated for production in the second quarter of this year.

Working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC, MediaTek’s production of the new chips will supposedly use an even smaller and more efficient 7nm production process. For those who are not familiar, a smaller production process means a more powerful and power-efficient chip at the cost of processor yield during production.

Underlying these risks is the reportedly low yield rates for the company’s flagship chipset, the Helio X30, which uses a 10nm process and is slated to arrive in devices during the second quarter of 2017.

You can read more about MediaTek, and what they do (and why Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes chips for them) here.


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