MediaTek’s Deca-core Helio X20 Suffering From Heat Issues According to Reports


Will this be the literal fire-breather this year?

Qualcomm’s thermal troubles with their previous generation 810 processor has well been documented, so much so that phone manufacturers have had to create their own solutions to overcome it. Apparently MediaTek’s upcoming monster 10-core processor, the Helio X20 has some heating problems of its own, according to reports from China.

The new chip hasn’t enjoyed smooth sailing according to rumors, as it reportedly suffered from random Wi-Fi dropping when it was first being tested. After the Taiwanese company fixed those problems, the heating issues started to pop up, and it’s reportedly gotten so bad that some companies that were planning to use it for their new phones have abandoned it in favor of cooler running chips. Will MediaTek’s fortunes mirror Qualcomm’s back in 2015? Only time will tell.


John Nieves

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  1. This is how Android phones roll. More cores, more fun. But in performance test most of them lag behind Apple’s dual-core CPU. Another thing I admire with Windows Phones, they are releasing phones with crappy Qualcomm SD 210 and yet the realworld performance isn’t that bad.

    In the end the users just don’t care about the number of cores. Android better play better than this.

  2. I seriously don’t understand the point of more cores running on the phone. Yes, high benchmarks means high performance but in real life performance, cores doesn’t even matter at all. Same issue for the 4K display on a 5 inches phone.

    I would prefer if they start increasing the battery life on the phone and make 4000 maH and 5000 mAH as the standard phone battery. I mean seriously, we’re living in 2016 where hexa core, 4 GB ram, fingerprint scan and 4K display exist on the 4 to 6 inches phone.

    inb4; “derp, tell that to the manufacturers”, “shut up and get a life”, “bla bla iPhone bla bla”
    Whatever man, this is the Internet, I have rights to voice out my opinion.

    1. “I seriously don’t understand the point of more cores running on the phone.”

      This is because you do not understand how processors work. It may be a bragging right getting high benchmark scores, but the idea of having many cores on a CPU is about efficiency by way of parallel tasking. Many low-mid end cores working together than 2-4 powerful cores is a more efficient approach for the average smartphone user.

    2. 2 Cores are enough. They put more cores to boost benchmark scores, and for marketing purposes.

      Number of cores are more important in servers, because they can do heavy parallel tasks. In personal computing, architecture is more important.

  3. Since quadcore lang ang bagong snapdragon 820, ibig sabihin ay hindi cutting edge technology ang SoC kahit decacore ang chipset.

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