Meizu’s “Hole-less” Phone Is More Expensive Than An iPhone


Remember Meziu’s hole-less concept phone, the Zero? While it wasn’t clear if the phone was a device meant for sale for the general public when it was unveiled a few weeks ago, you can apparently buy it from the company through crowdfunding site Indiegogo if you really, really want one.

Meizu is only selling 100 of the “engineering units” as they call it, with each one retailing for $1299, or around Php 67.8K. That’s really pricey for a concept phone that comes from a company that not everyone has heard of.

Still, around 17 people as of writing have taken advantage of the deal, with 83 phones still up for grabs. A special, special edition “Pioneering Unit” was also put on sale for $2999 or 156.6K pesos, but that has already been claimed so you’ll have to take your money elsewhere, Mr. Moneybags.

Meizu’s Zero concept smartphone is a pretty cool idea, at least on paper. No holes permeate the device’s body, not even a charging port. The phone charges via an 18W wireless charger using their “Super mCharge Wireless” tech, while in-screen sound produces audio. There are virtual buttons on the side to control the phone’s functions, and the device uses an eSIM to eliminate the need for a physical SIM slot.

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