Microsoft Surface Now Available at Online Shops in the Philippines

Microsoft Surface “unofficially” available in the Philippines!

Various online shops have already started selling the Microsoft Surface (32GB and 64B RT Models). The most affordable we’ve seen for the 32GB is priced at Php32,000 from Great Gadget Shop. For the 64GB models some stores are selling it for a little over Php38,000. Definitely pricey considering how affordable other tablets are these days.

UPDATE: The most affordable 32GB model we’ve found is being sold by GALLEON.PH. They’re selling it for Php28,874.

Here are the videos of the Microsoft Surface Unveiling as well as the promotional video. We’d only recommend you guys buy this if you’re really a huge fan of Windows 8. Otherwise we would suggest you wait for the next models of Windows 8 tablets and just check out either Android tablets or iPads for now.

Microsoft Surface Keynote

Microsoft Surface Review by The Verge

Anybody here thinking of getting one?

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