MiLi Power Candy

The MiLi Power Candy! There's a model for iDevices and another model for handsets that use micro-USB ports.

MiLi Power Candy: Light and Convenient Portable Battery Charger

The MiLi Power Candy doesn’t pack as much power (it only has 500 mAh) as other mobile chargers but it makes up for that by providing you convenience and portability. It’s shaped more like a big bean though than a candy so I don’t know why it was named as such. Anyway, check out our photos below. Don’t forget to read the captions for the descriptions.

Here's what the MiLi Power Candy looks like. Cool eh?
When you open the top you'll find the USB attached to the lid. You plug this in your laptop or USB power brick to charge the battery pack. The blue LED lights below show the power left. This automatically turns on when you open the lid. The micro-USB port you see attached to the black body is what you plug-in your phone to charge. Again note that there's another model that has the Apple PIN port for your iPhone or iPod.
Another photo from a different angle.
Here's the Power Candy plugged into a Samsung Galaxy Nexus
And it's charging!

There you have it! The MiLi Power Candy sells for less than Php1,200. I think the Apple model is a little more expensive. Will double check the price. Now available in various Apple Reseller stores in the Philippines.

By the way here’s the link to our review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, just in case you’re interested in reading more about this phone. 🙂

So you get an idea on the size, here's a photo of the MiLi Power Candy side-by-side with my old Friendster USB stick, lol.

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