MiLi Power iBox for the iPad

The MiLi Power iBox for the iPad!

Review: MiLi Power iBox for the iPad

I was already used to seeing battery packs/cases for iPhones. However I never expected that I’d see the same kind of products for the iPad! I was really surprised when MiLi Philippines sent us a review loaner unit of the MiLi Power Box for the iPad, battery pack and protective case made for the iPad 2. This baby packs 8,000 mAh of juice which is good enough for a full charge of your iPad 2 (can’t say the same for the new iPad though). The iPad 2 fits perfectly in it but you’ll have a problem trying to put in either the 1st generation or 3rd generation iPad.

The new Apple iPad (3rd Generation) in the MiLi Power iBox.

Using this is fairly simple. To charge just plug it in to a USB charger with the provided cable. There’s an LED indicator at the bottom which shows how much power it still has left. When you want to charge your iPad, just slide it in and gently push the upper corner for a snug fit. Press the power button at the lower left and you’re in business! By the way you have access to all the ports and buttons.

Oh… it’s compatible with the Smart Cover, hehe.


I don’t see the Power iBox as primarily a case. It’s really more of an extra battery pack for your iPad because it adds bulk and weight to your otherwise thin and light tablet. It does get the job of powering up your iPad though and it will give ample protection.

Here’s a short 30-second video we made which will give you guys a better idea of what it looks like and how it works.

Pricing and Availability

The Power iBox is available in most Apple Reseller stores. You can also order online via their Multiply Page. SRP is Php5,500.

Looking for the New iPad?

You can now buy the New iPad through credit card, Paypal, mobile, and over-the-counter bank deposits via Multiply Marketplace. The Wi-Fi version starts at P23,800.00 while the 3G version starts at P30,300.00. Check out the prices on all variants at their special order page today!

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