MiPow Power Tube 6600 mAh (Universal Mobile Charger)

The Giant Universal Mobile Charger! The MiPow Power Tube 6600 mAh!

The Anaconda of Universal Mobile Chargers

The MiPow Power Tube 6600 mAh is one of the most juiced up universal mobile chargers in the market today. As the name implies it has a Li-Ion battery (6600 mAh) with output voltage of 5.0V.This is one of the very few mobile chargers that can power up tablets like the Apple iPad 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can even use this to power up a Nintendo 3DS!

Check out some of the photos we took below. As usual don’t forget to read the captions.

So… size does matter.

Here's the Power Tube 6600 mAh side-by-side with it's little brother (Power Tube 2000 mAh). You can clearly see the size difference. Hehe.
It can charge all types of mobile phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. It has several adaptors that you can connect to it which can fit whatever mobile device you have with you.
Photo of the different adaptors inside the box!
Like what we said earlier this baby has enough power to charge tablets like the iPad 2!

It’s too big, lol.

There’s no way you’re going to carry this thing around unless you have a messenger bag or backpack with you. It’s just too long to put in your pocket, hehe. What’s awesome about this device though is that it can power up smaller devices like smartphones twice (or maybe even thrice) back up to 100%.

The MiPow Power Tube 6600 mAh is available in different Apple Reseller stores like Digital Hub, A Shop, iStudio, and Power Mac Center. It currently sells for Php4,599.

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  1. Php 4,599 seems too expensive since the 4400 mah version of this only costs Php 1,200 at Lazada or probably even cheaper on offline distributors. Good review by the way.

    This is perfect for the Gopro modification that I am going to do. Since those lipstick sizes are too small, I’ve always been searching for a pole-shaped like this with 5000 mah capacity and above.

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