Momax iPower GOmini Power Bank (7800mAh)

Really nice looking Power Bank from Momax
Really nice looking Power Bank from Momax

High Quality Power Bank from Momax

The problem with most cheap power banks out in the market today is that they’re usually flawed products. Flawed in the sense that they don’t actually have the stated mAh or that the quality of the battery itself is inferior and can only do a limited number of charge cycles. This is the reason why we’ve always advocated to buy the more tried and trusted brands since the last thing you want is a lemon power bank or worse a power bank that can destroy your phone. ^^;

A really good high quality power bank that we’ve come across is that Momax iPower GOmini. The packaging does a very good job of being VERY transparent with the innards and features of the device. It has 2.4A output (faster charging), 500 charge cycles, and the batteries are from Samsung/LG. They even have a shake to show capacity function (lol). It’s pricey compared to most power banks (a little over Php2,000) with the “same” mAh but at least you can rest assured that this one won’t damage your phone’s battery.

Charging my LG G3. Cute cat alert!!! That's Rumfold our Scottish Fold cat. :)
Charging my LG G3. Cute cat alert!!! That’s Rumfold our Scottish Fold cat. πŸ™‚

We’ve tried this and it was able to fully charge our iPhone 5S around 2.5x. For the LG G3 we were able to get around 2x. Not bad.

You can find Momax products in various stores/branches of Digital Walker and Beyond the Box.

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