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more Letiqué Sleeve for the iPhone 5

more. Letiqué sleeve for the iPhone 5 now in the Philippines

You know that the launch of the iPhone 5 here in the Philippines is just around the corner when several accessory and case makers have already started to sell their wares for it in various gadget shops. One of my favorite boutique accessory stores, Applewerkz, carries several premium cases including more’s Letiqué sleeve for the iPhone 5. We snagged one for a quick review.

Maximum Style and Protection, Minimum Bulk

Maximum style and protection

The Letiqué is comes in either black or brown and it’s made from high quality synthetic leather. The material and the design compliments the class and elegance of the iPhone 5. It doesn’t add bulk at all since it’s a very tight fit for the iPhone. The material inside is some sort of microfiber which not only also helps in protecting the iPhone but also cleans it up a bit when you pull it out or slide it in.

more. Letiqué with the iPhone 5
microfiber material for the interior lining

For people who want to use the iPhone “naked”

There are actually a lot of people who prefer to keep the iPhone without any bumper or back cases. If you’re one of them then sleeve-type pouches like this one is the perfect accessory for you. We definitely still think you should invest in some sort of protection for your device especially since the iPhone 5 has a hefty price tag and you don’t want all the cash burned when it breaks from a fall right?

The more Letiqué sleeve for the iPhone 5 is available in AppleWerkz stores (my favorite branch is in Katipunan across Country Side restaurant / Blue Ridge). Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact SRP but it should be in the Php2,000-Php3,000 range.

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