More Than Six Months On, Cherry Mobile’s Flare X Is Still Flying Off The Shelves


The Flare X is still in demand in Cherry Mobile’s stores

Whenever anybody talks about phones offered by local brands, Cherry Mobile’s Flare X usually comes into the conversation whether you want it or not. It’s a testament to the popularity of the local firm’s bang-for-the-buck offering, despite being 7 months old. While that’s not a lot of time compared to international flagships, for devices offered by a local brand it’s rather old.

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While Cherry Mobile has released several other companion smartphones to compliment the Flare X in the form of the Flare 4, Flare S4 Plus, Flare Selfie and the recently announced Flare Mate, the Flare X is still dominating the sales charts. Cherry Mobile told us that the series is their best selling smartphone ever, and the lower spec 2GB version that retails for 1K less frequently sells out in their stores.

Cherry Mobile managed to strike a great balance in both price and featureset, which may explain the runaway success of the Flare X. There’s also a huge community of tinkerers, modders and would you believe it, third-party accessory providers for the Flare X, which possibly contributes to the ongoing success of the smartphone even after 7 months have passed since it was released.

And the future of the line couldn’t be brighter. Since Cherry Mobile bought the ODM that made the Flare X, the company can potentially release a new generation model that has better specs and lower price, since they now own the machinery to make smartphones. Frankly we’re excited to see the follow-up to the Flare X – hopefully it’s as awesome and aggressively priced as the original.

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  1. Yeah okay but recently, they’re only releasing the downgrade version of Flare X which comes with the MT6753 chipset. A processor which is not suitable for the gamers but only battery efficient. This would still be okay for the light users but there are lots of alternatives which comes better.

    The people who got the MT6752 version are really lucky.

      1. ive seen one in lazada but the price is 9999 dont think someone would buy it even its the 1.7 ghz version

    1. yan! yan ang dahilan kung bakit ko nais bumili ng Flare X tapos walang abi abiso nagpalit pala ng SoC.. kainis lang tlga.!!!! anyway, satisfied naman ako di pa naman naglalaro ng 3d games

    1. reading this on my very own Superion Navigator. cheers.
      bakit nga ba hindi na naglabas ang CM ng 8-incher na may cell connectivity, hirap maghanap ng replacement below 7k.

  2. Maganda siya kaso need mo palitan cord ng charger kasi dun lang mabagal magcharge. Sobrang ganda niya sa camera, specs. Dismayado lang ako sa umangat na screen ko. Sana magandang adhesive ginamit nila para hindi mangyari un

  3. Bat ganun nawawala yung mga pictures ko. Meron naiwan peeo marami nawala hindi nman ako nag delete. 3x na nagyari sa flare x ko to

  4. Pwede na siguro to para sa Pokemon Go at Toram Online…… :3 bibili nako…… So far okay panaman ang S3 Lite ko playing Toram Online…. Hehehe pero sa Pokemon Go parang di ubra 2gb Ram kailangan so palit muna ako… :3

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