Moshi Moshi MM04i

Stereo, iPhone dock, and a telephone handset all rolled into 1 gadget

The Moshi Moshi MM04i is a fascinating product. It’s primary function is to be paired with your mobile phone via bluetooth and it acts as a handset. This helps a lot with ear fatigue especially if you’re doing a lot of calls on your cellphone. That flat glass screen of your iPhone really wasn’t made to be pressed on your ear for long periods of time. If you’re also a health buff note that using this handset instead of your mobile phone can reduce the radiation you expose yourself to by at least 96%.

The MM04i can also be a speaker for your music via Bluetooth as well either through your phone, tablet, or computer. It also comes with a dock for your iPhone.

Really interesting product

This is obviously not for everyone since it’s priced at Php14,550. It’s really more for executives and entrepreneurs who do a lot of calls on their mobile phones on a daily basis.

If this catches your fancy place an order or inquire via

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