Motorola Announces MOTOACTV

Meet the Motorola Motoactv!

Motorola announces MOTOACTV

Motorola just announced the new MOTOACTV and they dubbed it the “Ultimate Fitness Device”. What is it? Imagine an iPod Nano running on Android packed with applications for fitness that’s tied into a website (where you can do pre-planning and post-evaluation and reporting) that can push data to your social networking sites. It also comes with a wrist strap and an awesome bluetooth headset (something that the current Nano doesn’t have). Oh, it’s also sweat proof! Expect the apps to run smoothly since this baby packs a 600MHz processor.

How much? The 8GB model will retail for $249 while the 16GB model will go for $299.

Will update this as we get more information and photos.

Photo from the Engadget Live Blog.

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  1. this is sooo cool. is this available in PH right now? hwere can we (ahem..ahem…) at least check it … looks expensive …. 🙂

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