Motorola RAZR to Return as a Foldable Phone

The cost of nostalgia will be pricey too

Last year at MWC 2018, Lenovo hinted that they are working on a new version of the Motorola RAZR. We haven’t heard from them since then until new reports from WSJ reveal that the Razr will return this February in the US as a Verizon exclusive. The new RAZR phone will reportedly be a foldable phone, just like what SamsungXiaomi, and Huawei are working on.


Just like other foldable phones, the Moto RAZR will not be cheap: reports indicate that it will be priced at around $1500(~Php 78.3k), making it slightly more affordable than Samsung’s Galaxy F offering. The original RAZR cost $600(~Php 31k) back in 2004, which means that the new RAZR will be a premium offering like its predecessor.


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