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MyPhone Beats Apple in Local Trademark Battle

Chalk up a win for MyPhone

International electronics giant Apple has lost its trademark battle against local player MyPhone as the Intellectual Property Office has sided with the local brand in the trademark spat.

Apple claimed that local player MyPhone was copycat riding on its iPhone models when the Solid Broadband backed local company first launched back in 2007. According to the Intellectual Propert Office, MyPhone is marketed as a distincly local, Pinoy phone. Additionally, the Solid Broadband group first applied to register the MyPhone brand back in June 25, 2007, a few days before Apple released their first iPhone models in the US.

“The buying public should be credited with a modicum of intelligence and discernment in purchasing…mobile phones where brand patronage or consciousness is prevalent,” the trademark office said, noting that not only was my/phone marketed as a “local Pinoy phone,” its product markings and marketing materials generated “distinct commercial impressions” than those of the global marketing campaigns and product literature of the California-based company.

Unlike the multi-million legal fight between Korean giant Samsung, Apple’s legal tussle with MyPhone and Solid Broadband has been kept quiet in the past few years, but a win is a win, obviously, no matter how quiet it is.

With the decision, MyPhone has achieved something that even Samsung has trouble with – a clear, legal victory over the biggest technology brand in the world.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


    1. Ehh tags nmn ..

      My phone

      Disposable nmn kasi

      Compare nyu sa international market

      E rank nyo kung pang ilan ang myphone

      1. di lahat. mgnda ang rio 2.
        kuntentong kontento ako dito.
        sexy tingnan ng sandstone black cover ko gaya ng idol kong cp na oneplus one.

      2. @khaine no comparison naman bro ang tulad ng myphone eh thousand lang ang price nyan, d naman tulad ng Apple iPhone eh 30K naman ang price, ibig sabihin lang huwag mo i compare ang Toyota Vios at mga katulad ng mga Ferrari, mag pasalamat tayo sa mga local brand kahit papano nakaka experience tayo kahit papano mga ganyan klase smart phone,

  1. even when myphone was first launched it never bore resemblance to apple products. i remember they initially launched three t9 phones in those beautiful faux leather boxes. the phones were crap tho :D

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  3. inb4 apple no longer considers philippines a market due to this

    well panalo yung mga reseller sa ebay haha

  4. dahil sa panalong ito, baka lumaki ang ulo ng myphone at mas lalo pang taasan ang presyo ng mga units nila hehe.

    1. Wala sila masyadong magawa sa pricing dahil ung mga units nla made ng ibanv companya na nakapartner nlang gumawa ng units nla. Bale sakanila ung mga ideas pero wala clang equipment para gumawa kaya gumagawa cla ng partnerships. Di gaya ng cherry mobild na simpleng rebrand lang na saan nila makita ung units kaya mura

  5. This is why the whole copyright / Intellectual property trademak thing is a flawed mess…..I remember Apple suing the Polish online grocery A.pl…..The words ”i” ”My” and ”Phone” has been in the dictionary for over a hundred years, and so is the word ”Apple”….. Kung ang intensiyon ay gayahin at manlinlang, grounds for litigation yun, eh kaso hindi naman eh

  6. The biggest tech company in the world doesn’t actually make its own tech. Gotta hand it to Apple. They really do know how to rein in the suckers.

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