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MyPhone Officially Endorses Rodrigo Duterte


Highly unusual for any brand to endorse a candidate

We’re roughly a month away from the upcoming presidential elections, and judging from our Facebook feed, everybody has their own opinion about all the candidates. Of course despite the heated debates about which candidate is better than the other, you can expect that high profile brands to keep clear of the political bruhaha, lest you alienate potential customers.

That doesn’t seem to matter to MyPhone, who has officially backed Rodrigo Duterte and Alan Peter Cayatano. The company is the first tech company in the PH to officially endorse candidates for the president and vice president positions.

With that, we want to get your feedback – is this a good move from MyPhone? Will you still buy their phones even if you prefer a different candidate? Let us know in the comments below.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Millennials, MyPhone’s target key demographic, loves DU30, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

    Here’s a curious situation: Daniel Padilla ensorses MyPhone. Daniel Padilla also pledged his support to Mar Roxas.

  2. Companies should always be neutral whether it’s duterte or anybody else. Myphone have a set of idiot marketing people.

      1. Wag na tayo magplastikan company man yan o individual meron pa rin yan bet na kandidato at karapatan yun ng kahit na cno botante kasama na ang myphone dun yun ang gusto nila eh so labas na tau dun. Iboto mo or i-endorse mo kung cno gusto mo…period!

    1. @ Juan. Akala ni archie matalino sya. If you’re wise enough archie, then you yourself should know na everynoe has the right na piliin ang gusto nila.. So tagagawa ka na ng rules ng companies ngaun? Shut up..If the marketing people of myphone are Idiots.. ano na lng ang tawag sau? I am a myphone customer and not an employee.. Yet I can say that they have the courage to contribute and share their companies belief to the community and for community that they serve. ” Im sure kung yung presidente mo ang pinili nila, matututwa ka”. ABS-CBN nga sinoportahan si Noli de Castro nung tumakbo sya may nagawa ka ba?.. why it should be different for myphone and other companies.. Im just saying.. isip muna bago dal dal…

  3. If this is true & candidates other than the two win, they should brace themselves for a backlash. The supporters that will be appointed in the different government agencies that oversee or directly deals with them will definitely remember what they did. I just hope the management knew what they were getting into when they decided to publicly support the two.

  4. SI Telstra ang pag asa ng internet connection sa bayan
    Result: Nga-nga

    Si Duterte ang pag asa sa gobyerno
    Result: ????

    Tumigil na kau mga Dutertards

  5. It’s a marketing strategy for MyPhone, they knew that DC has a lot of supporter they would definitely endorse the said candidate…we already know na hindi na mabenta mga units nila.

  6. Mas masahol pa ginagawa ng Cherry Mobile. Nagulat na lang ako ng biglang may notif sa status bar ng Flare S4 ko na “Iboto na Vice President Bongbong” last Sunday. Dinismiss ko lang ang ad. Tapos kahapon naman biglang may nagappear sa notif na “iboto sa Senado Isko Moreno”, so akala ko ad ng isang app na nadownload ko pero hindi ko alam ung aling app. So ang ginawa ko ni-long press ko ang notif then press App Info ayun pala Cherry Fun App pala pinanggagalingan ng Ad. Cherry Fun is a built in app ng mga Cherry Mobile phones.

    1. Random mga ads diyan. Tulad ng pagiging random ng mga ads na may malware na nanggaling sa BBC, NYpost etc.

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