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MyPhone Scrapping Infinity, Rio, and Iceberg Lines, Won’t Release A Phone Over 10K

MyPhone my36 14

A renewed focus for MyPhone

We got the chance to sit down and talk with MyPhone yesterday at their office and the company confirmed what we’ve been suspecting for a while. They’ve decided to scrap their existing Infinity, Rio and Iceberg lines. You heard that right – there will be no more phones released with those brand names.

Instead, the company is sticking with a single lineup – the my. You’ve probably seen a couple of their recent releases, specifically the my35 and my36. Those are not flukes – as the company moves forward, they’ll be releasing phones under that single lineup, which means that the company has consolidated their releases under a single brand.

MyPhone my36 11

Moving forward the company will also no longer release expensive, high-end, flagship phones like the MyPhone Infinity that was launched a few months ago. They don’t feel that there’s a market for that, and they’re setting the price ceiling for their devices at 10K, at the most. While they were open to the idea of selling one or two-high end devices depending on the specifications, it’s more likely that they’ll be sticking to the under 10K market.

In line with that, the company also promised to focus on the basics and what endeared them to the public in the first place. Many of you have probably noticed the return of the Philippine map and the patriotic logos on their recent devices. That’s not going to go away, and in fact, that’ll be more prominent on their upcoming product lines in the future, for better or for worse.

What do you think of MyPhone’s renewed focus? Let us know in the comments below.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Price segment dapat ng mga locally-branded phones ay hanggang low to mid-end lang. Eh kung high end lang din naman ay sa foreign brand na dahil sigurado ka sa quality. For others, a bit<php10k is still expensive for a locally-branded phone, kahit ano pa spec nyan.

  2. much better if they don’t have branded celebrities like kathniel. they make it a phone OP #Ripengrishbtw.

    ps. it reminds me of t36 phone it can run tumblr flowlessly lol.

  3. Okay naman ang myphone sa quality at warranty pero un Philippine Map sana sa box na lang 🙂 hehe. o kaya magbenta na sila ng casing para matakpan na:)

  4. does myphone’s marketing dept conduct even an informal survey to gauge whether consumers really like the philippine map at the back? because my impression is that the majority don’t like the map emblazoned on their phones, so on that end sablay na agad yang plano nila to continue with that so-called tradition.

    1. What they need id a ”Minimalist” logo design
      Pwede naman silang magpa-contest tulad ng Ginawa ng MICROMAX….siguro out of a thousand entries meron na silang 10 or 15 excellent designs na pagpipilian

  5. If they stay on that market segment it’s for the better. Nobody in the upper segment would buy a myphone more so with a map on their phone.

  6. Now, if only they ACTUALLY manufactured phones in the Philippines. That would be nice.

    Also, I don’t care what anybody says, but I actually miss that map on the back of the phone. It just screams My|Phone. That’s what’s special about it.

  7. Hello unbox! If you have the chance please inform MyPhone that instead if the PH Map, 3 Stars + Sun would be better. simple and elegant while still being visibly patriotic.

  8. Great. Even MORE Patapon Phones (phones that WILL have a significant hardware and/or software deficiency that will appear after x months of use because there’ll be no quality checks because they’re cheap as hell) – PataPhones! Thanks, myPhone!

    For the most part, Starmobiles are built like tanks compared to myPhones, though that’s not saying much…

    1. Ang totoong patapon dito ay ang buhay mo. Nakagamit kana ba ng phone nato ?
      “Starmobile is the real shit.” Itatak mo yan sa makitid mong utak.
      Bago magsalita ng patapon sa isang bagay siguraduhin mong marunong kang gumawa ng perfect na smartphone. MORON

  9. for me myphone is a god products, many people ask about the map at the back of the phone…. they’re just not like many people here that’s make complaining for every effort the company is making……. people always make excuses…..

  10. That Philippine map won’t help their marketing. I’m pretty sure most Pinoys wouldn’t want that big Ph flag on their devices, just like Gary said “3 Stars + Sun would be better. simple and elegant while still being visibly patriotic.” Those devices are only rebranded anyway.

  11. well it’s a good start. indeed walang market for flagship phones worth more than 10k when I just got a LG G2 for 5k, seeing Galaxy S5 for 10k and other international brands which are more competitive then the “premium build” that myphone is selling.

    lalo sa panahon ngayon 16gb/2gb + LTE are under 5k php, you just can’t afford to sell shit lacking in features.

    but please , the map. reminds me of our current president which is a loser.

  12. The battle for smart phone makers isn’t in the flagship segment anymore (the ridiculously priced segment). its in the mid range.

    Xiaomi will just destroy them all.

  13. Fire the dumb@ss who INSISTED on that lame-looking Philippine Flag !!!

    Here’s my tip :

    Rebadge and redesign your ugly Logo….Gawin niyo namang kaaya-aya sa mata at hindi NAKAKADIRI!!!

  14. Hindi naman sa hindi ako proud “pinoy”, pero bakit naman philippine map pa yung naisip nilang ilagay? ang PANGET tignan para sa telepono na may guhit ng map. Hindi masama (actually mabuti) ang pagiging makabayan at makata pero sa ibang paraan, hindi sa telepono. haha! kengkoy ng designer ng MyPhone oh, feeling “true pinoy” product when it is actually re-branded product. do it better next time naman please, tibay pa naman phone nyo nasira lang dahil jan.

  15. Eh? What took them so long before finaly realizing this? Anyways I’m a happy My31 user now,

    PS: I used to hate MyPhone before not because of their products but because of their OP asf. Pricing but know I could really feel things are changing and it’s for the good (I hope so)

  16. hindi ko talaga magets na ganun ka-big deal ang Philippine map yung isang foreigner nga nagpatattoo pa ng mapa ng Pilipinas e, tapos tayong mga pinoy ganito. Anyway trip nyo yan e, pero tingin ko itong logo nilang ito ang goodluck charm ng myPhone. Kasi it symbolizes the legal battle they won against Apple while they were still starting. Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam ito ang history ng myPhone laban sa Apple iPhone.

  17. If you dont like the Philippine map then don’t buy the phone at all, plain and simple. i am a rio 2 user and will upgrade to my 36 soon. Buy pinoy!

  18. Myphone cyclone has the simplest design on the back cover, no maps, no name of the model, just myphone above the speaker.. And that’s what i like about my myphone cyclone, very simple..

  19. hndi nmn yan dahil sa walang market… hndi lang sila marunong makipagcompete… babaan nila presyo tingnan ntin kung walang bumili dyan…

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