Need A Protective Case, Stand And Interchangeable Lens System For Your iPhone? The Ztylus Metal Revolver Does It All


Revolver can do all of that for your iPhone 6/6S and 6+/6S

Here’s a cool case that transforms your iPhone 6/6S and 6+/6S into a versatile, multi-lens camera – the Revolver. Made with polycarbonate plastic & aluminum, it’s a stylish protective case for your iPhone, but the real magic is in its 4-in-1 lens system. Unscrew the kickstand and install the attachment simply by aligning the red dots, much like a professional camera and choose between different lenses depending on what you want to shoot.

Use the fish-eye lens for a cool bubble like effect. Switch to the circular polarization filter so you can reduce glare and improve color appearance even before taking a picture. Choose the wide lens so you can squeeze in more for your groupfie or landscape shot. Or remove the magnetically fitted wide lens and use the macro lens for those tight, close-ups.

100T0945 100T0943

The Ztylus Metal Revolver comes with the case, kickstand, interchangeable lens attachment, carrying pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The Ztylus Metal Revolver is available at

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