New Leak Shows Galaxy S8 Colors, Pricing

Spoiler alert: they won’t be cheap

We’re all waiting with bated breath for Samsung to unleash the brand new members of their Galaxy, but until March 29 rolls around, we’ll have to be content with the continuous flow of leaks from unofficial sources, like Evan Blass, AKA @evleaks. The prolific leakster has posted brand new leaks of color options for the Galaxy S8 along with the pricing that will go along with them.

In the age where their Chinese competitors are pushing out funky colors like Greenery and Dazzling Blue, Samsung has decided to go with the old reliable color palette like Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver. Fans of more exotic colors needn’t worry, as Samsung will probably come out with better color options in the future.

As far as pricing goes, the Galaxy S8 is expected to launch with a 799€ (Php 43K) price tag in Europe, while the Galaxy S8+ will be priced at 899€ (Php 48K). If we take a look at historical pricing with their Galaxy S7, which launched with a 699€ price tag in Europe and a Php 34,990 price here in the PH, you’ll see that the expected prices for both phones once they hit our shores will be quite higher than last year’s iteration.

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