Nexus 6 Owners Around the World are Experiencing LTE Outages

Unbox 44 - Nexus 6 LTE Outage

Users of Motorola’s Nexus 6 phablet have been reporting failed LTE connectivity with their carriers around the world, according to a report by GSMArena.

Multiple owners from all over the globe have confirmed the unusual occurrence and have taken to Google’s Product Forums to look for solutions.

In the US, subscribers of T-Mobile were the most affected by the bizarre breakdown. Other users from Canada, Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, and Hong Kong also chimed in the global forums, reporting similar issues with their LTE connections.

The Nexus 6‘s earlier August security patch was considered to be the culprit of the mess, but owners with unofficial, custom firmware have also been affected.

Any Nexus 6 owners here in the Philippines affected by the LTE issues? Shout out below and let us know.

Source: GSMArena

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