Nokia 1 Pricing Leaked By Retailer Ahead of Release

Most likely the first Android Go phone to be available locally

Following reports that Nokia will be releasing its 2018 phones on April 13, a local retailer revealed the pricing of the Nokia 1.

As shared by CMK Cellphones on their site, the Nokia 1 will be priced at Php 4,290. While the specs of the Nokia 1 may not be mind-blowing, what makes this phone unique is that it runs Android Go, a lightweight version of Android optimized for budget phones.

Another thing worth considering is that CMK Cellphones posted that they will be selling the Nokia 8 Sirocco as well. While the April 13 announcement did not mention Nokia’s 2018 flagship, it is more likely that it will make it to our shores at a later time.

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  1. That’s still kinda pricey for their intended target market. I thought it’d be around 3k plus. Although I’ll wait and see if Android Go works well before I judge the price unfairly.

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