Nokia 3310 “Supremo Putin” Edition Goes on Sale in Russia for $1,700

Russian smartphone manufacturer Caviar, makers of luxury phones and gadgets, has recently unveiled the Nokia 3310 “Supremo Putin Edition” for interested, wealthy-as-hell fans of the federation’s current president.

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Priced at a crazy $1,700 (~Php 87K), this version of the Nokia 3310 is clad in a gold-titanium casing and sports a golden depiction of Vladimir Putin on its back. Underneath the portrait is a golden plaque of the Russian national anthem.

This isn’t the first time Caviar has launched an ultra-luxury device for consumer consumption. Early last month, the company launched the Huawei P9 “Friendship Edition” which featured the same specs as the original phone, but with golden engravings and a titanium frame.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

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    1. meron.. dahil masa at klarong presidente na di pur0 salita. di gaya ni pan0t na blame gamer at galing lang sa salita, wlang byag gya ni tr0llanes!

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