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Nokia Lumia 1020 with Camera Grip Unboxing

Our Unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 1020!
Our Unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 1020!

Unboxing the 41MP Lumia

When the Nokia Lumia 1020 was officially announced locally we were very critical of the price. We even made fun of it with a rare meme post (which we eventually apologized for, hehe). Today we officially eat our words. After much thought and we decided to actually go and buy a Nokia Lumia 1020 despite having a review unit already provided for by Nokia Philippines. The main reason being is that we accidentally broke our point-and-shoot (Canon S95) camera and we wanted to try out and see if the Lumia 1020 can be a good replacement for it, hehe.

Expect the full review with tons of camera samples soon. You can also check out our initial impressions post that we wrote a few days ago. For now we’d like to kick things off with a refresher on the stats and then we go to the unboxing!

Nokia Lumia 1020 Spec Sheet

  • 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor
  • Adreno 225 graphics
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage, no expandable memory
  • 4.5-inch AMOLED PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack display (768 x 1280 pixels) 332 ppi
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 41-megapixel rear facing camera with Carl Zeiss optics Optical Image Stabilization, auto/manual focus and Xenon flash.
  • 1.2 megapixel front facing camera
  • LTE, dual band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA, Bluetooth 3.0
  • 2,000 mAh battery
  • Windows Phone 8 Amber

Unboxing and Packaging

The Nokia Lumia 1020 came in a massive blue hard carton box. We were a bit stumped about the huge box at first but when we finally got our hands on the box and read the text we saw that it actually included the Camera Grip accessory already inside. Nokia is really pushing this as a bundle and we will definitely include the usability of the camera grip in our full review.

Moving on, unboxing was very straightforward. We removed the tape, pulled off the top lid, and were greeted by the Lumia 1020 in plastic and the Camera Grip in a blister pack.

Officially unboxed!
Officially unboxed!

We decided to go for the white one because yellow was to playful for us and the black one seemed dull. We picked up the phone and it definitely felt more solid, compact, and a little bit lighter compared to its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 920. This form factor lends itself well to one-handed use making it a smartphone first and an entertainment device second.

Look at that big sensor!
Look at that big sensor!

The 41-megapixel sensor at the back stood out the most mainly due to sheer size. The focus on this device is definitely on the camera and that gets emphasized even more with the Camera Grip accessory.

Made from the same material
Made from the same material

The Camera Grip is made from the same polycarbonate material as the Lumia 1020. It functions as a case which gives you better grip when you use it as a camera and it also has a built-in shutter button. There’s also tripod connector at the bottom so you can easily mount it if needed. The case also has a 1,000mAh battery which you can use to charge-up the Lumia 1020 when it’s running out of juice.

Full Review Coming Soon

Our full review of the Nokia Lumia 1020 should be out within the week, hopefully before the weekend. If you have specific features you want us to test that’s not covered by our usual reviews please do leave a comment below.

Alternatively you can get the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the Camera Grip from Kimstore for Php32,700.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. gandang gabi po senyo sir Carlo Ople..

    share ko lng po yunh isa sa kakayahan ng mga windows phone.. na hindi kayang gawin ng android at ios..

    punta po kau sa Settings, click nyo po yung Email + Accounts, then click nyo po yung Add an account..
    marami pong lalabas don na social network at isa na po don ang Facebook.. click nyo po yung Facebook at mag log in po kayo..

    note.. muntik ko ng mklimutan, dpt po pala naka wifi bago nyo gwin yun..

    at kung sakaling ok na po lahat, punta na po kau sa main menu.. at automatic na magsi-sync na po sya..
    Microsoft to Facebook syncing..

    ang una po ninyong mapapansin jan, magkakaron na po ng mga picture yung Contacts nyo, at yung mga picture na po na yun ay sila po yung mga friend nyo sa fb account nyo..
    pag nag click po kau ng isang picture don, automatic na mapupunta kau sa Profile nya, at pag siniwipe nyo po pakaliwa, wall nman po nya yun, at pag siniwipe nyo po ulit pakaliwa, photo album nman po nya yung makikita nyo at pwd rin po yun isave sa mismong phone nyo “long press the picture”

    at kung gusto nyo nman po makita yung news feeds nyo mismo, click nyo po yung back symbol button sa ibaba at babalik na po kau sa Contacts menu nyo at swipe nyo po pakaliwa.. news feeds nyo na po yun..
    at kung gusto nyo nman pong mkita kunh sino yung naka online na frnd nyo, punta po kau sa main menu at punta po kau sa Messages at swipe pakaliwa.. at makikita nyo na po yung online frnd nyo don.. at magclick po kau ng isa don at lets chat na..

    photo upload nman po tayo, punta po kau sa Photos nyo at click nyo yung picture u want to upload.. click share.. ayon po.. may lalabas na pong facebook don.. at click nyo po yun.. dapat nka wifi po..

    maraming salamat po sa pagbabasa sir Carlo Ople..

    1. Nothing magical. Android has this since 2009. Try any Sony Ericsson / Sony Xperia with Timescape, EVEN the low end entry level handsets.

      Now try charging your WP handset while turned off. Or try searching apps in the search button. WP is years behind Android and iOS. Heck it’s even behind the “dead” Symbian OS.

    2. And to add, since Android is a Free Open Source Software, the Timescape launcher APK from Sony / Sony Ericsson can be applied to almost ANY Android device.

      Plus any Android device can mimic Metro / Modern UI of WP.

      WP cannot do that without breaking the proprietary code.

  2. Uhmm..sir matty..meron po nyan s android..mas mabilis pa nga po eh..usually pag bago yung unit at nag connect sa wifi automatic na xa..lahat ng cnabi po nila ay mangyayari ng mas kakaunti ang gagawin.. mayroon at higit pa ang adroid, convenience and iease of use is just a download away..lalo napo pag latest models na, try nyo po..peace out..anyhoo..i guess ok nman n cguro ung wp ngaun..not highly as customizable and fun as droid, Galing na kasi ako dyan dati..that’s why i liked bb os, mas ok..going back to the phone, i think its kick ass..isang malupit na pang picture picture at selfy..thumbs up for u nokia, ganda ng packaging..something missing with samsung and other manufacturers lately, bought my note 3 and feeling ko..ayoko na mag commen..haha..sana lang droid ang os para more fun..! Over all, waiting for the review sir carlo..cheers..!

  3. hello po senyong lahat… gandang araw po..

    galing din po kasi ako dati sa android phone, baka po ang tinutukoy nyo ay ang mga Notifications lang na nag-aappear pag nka wifi po.. na kapag kinlick nyo yung naturang notifications na yun ay connected nrn kayo, pero hindi po yun yung tinutukoy ko.. mas mabilis po jan at walang alibay kumbaga..

    ok ganito po, kaya po ba ng mga droid nyo na tignan ang isang fb frnd nyo tas tignan ang profile nya or tignan ang wall nya or tignan ang lahat ng photo album nya sa fb na hindi kayo gagagmit ng FB APPS or BROWSER??

    as in isang click lng, pasok ka na.. yung tipong wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa.. yung tipong wala ng loading loading pa..

    1. Simple..i’ll press my rescently opened app..:-) s1 pataas..press the middle button then select..Htc models..press the box looking icon then select..no need to re open thru fb app or iex..for my note 3, even more fun..use multi view if desired..

    2. News feeds and other social media..no problem po yan..i dont know with other units, but built in widgets are more than enough to maximize multi tasking activities..and provide a one tap link to those things..ill check with my wifes s4 and my cousin’s note 2..and my mom’s htc one for the said widgets..for my note 3, all feeds and updates are easy..s3 has those widgets, i’ll open my previous phone again to see..will post later..anyhoo..malamang nga meron nun s wp phone..thumbs up kung ganun..cheers..

  4. or… kaya nyo rin po bang tignan ang mga NEWS FEEDS nyo na hindi kau gagamit ng FB APPS or BROWSER??

    or kaya nyo rin po bang makipagchat sa mga fb frnds nyo na hindi rin po kau gagamit ng Fb Apps or Browser or Fb Messenger Apps or kahit na anobg Apps ay wala po kayong gagamitin??

    nagtataka po suguro kayo kung pano po nangyari yun noh?? pero peace po tayonh lahat dito ah..hehehe

    utol kong babae naka iphone5, pinagkumpara namen yung ios nya sa wp ko.. at nagulat sya.. dhil yung sknya, oo nagsisync nga pero di nya kayang gawin yung cnabi ko kanina.. hanggsng sync lng at hindi nya kayang pasukin yung mismong fb…

    yung pinsan kong lalake nman po nka samsung S3..
    ayon hindi rin po nya magawa yung nagagawa ng wp ko.. kelangan nya pa pumunta sa fb apps kung may titignan sya.. opo nakakarecieve po sya ng mga notifications sa screen at nakakaoasok rin po sa fb, ang tanong ko po eh pano halimbawang walang dumating na notifications dhl walang nag comment etc.. pano kau papasok sa fb nyan na hindi kau dadaan sa FB APPS or BROWSER habang naka wifi kau.. pano po??

    sa wp ko po napaka easy lang po talaga as in isang kisap mata lang at connected kana..
    no need apps
    no need browser..

    1. I would long press the contextual menu button and use the voice command of Google Now to launch the Facebook app or the Contacts app or the SNS hub app. So many choices in open source software. Plus I can choose to use the built in launcher or the third party app or any browser I choose (Opera, UC, Chrome, etc.,) with full Adobe Flash 11.xx and HTML5 support for rich content while WP users can only use IE. Can you do that with WP?

  5. ok po ganito,
    pansamantala nyo po munang burahin yung “fb apps” nyo sa cp nyo at wag din po kayo gagamit ng browser nyo..
    and then mag online na po kayo sa fb nyo..
    magpost din po kau ng mga status nyo “text or picture or video” at makipag chat din po kau sa mga online frnds nyo..
    ewan ko nlang po kung mkrcieve pa po kau ng mga notifications na yun kung wala na yung fb apps sa cp nyo..

    hi sau Tic Sy..
    hassle nman nung sau kung ano ano pa dpt gwin para lng mkpag online sa fb..
    pero tama ka, nsa phonebook/contacts nga yung tunutukoy ko,hehehehe..
    pero ang tanong ko lang, kaya mo bang magpost ng status mo gamit ang contacts? or kaya mo bang makita yung updated newsfeeds mo gamit ang contacts? or kaya mo bang makapag comment gamit ang contacts? or kaya mo bang pasukin ang kht sinong frnd mo sa fb gamit ang contacts” yung tipong titignan mo yung wall nya, babasahin o titugnan mo yung mga photo album nya at magcocomment ka ganun po…
    or kaya mo rin bamg makipag chat na gamit nman ay “factory default” na messages.. parang tinitx mo lng sya pero chat na pala..yung ganun po.. with in ONE TOUCH..

    1. And matty, that is simply an idiotic move. Why would I uninstall, let alone disable a preloaded app such as FB or Twitter on any phone? Just because your platform lacks games and apps? The strongest suite of Android, iOS and BB10 are apps, in which even Blackberry can use Android APKs and iOS has tons of apps. Now why would you disable apps? That is plain childish and silly.

      Remove the 41MP and OIS, and what does your L1020 have? LOL! It’s not even half as good as N808PV!


  6. hi tic sy..

    napanuod ko na po yung z10 mo ngaun lng nung pagkabasa ko ng comment mo..
    parang ganun nga sya, tama ka jan. pero mababang klase yung pinakita nila,
    asan yung updated news feeds don??
    maraming kulang eh, or baka hindi lang tlga pinakita lahat..
    yung sa wp ko kasi, kulang yung sa z10 mo, i think nasa 1/8 lang yun ng wp ko, wala pang 1/4 yung availability nung z10 mo sa wp ko.. hindi kita niyayabangan tic sy.. wag ja sanang mag usip ng ganun ok. nagsasabi din ako ng totoo..

    “bago nyo po sana husgahan ang nokia/windows phone/microsoft, gamitin nyo muna po bago po kayo magsalita”

    ilalabas na po pala sa market place ng windows phone ang apps na INSTAGRAM..
    opo alam ko matagal na to sa mga android at ios.. dati rin po kasi akong android user kaya alam ko..
    gamit na gamit na ngaun ang Lumia 1020 sa Instagram na yan, dahil ang pangunahing source nyan ay Camera.. happy selfie senyong lahat with 41mp camera..

    ang kaibahan lng tlga ng android sa windows phone..
    smooth gamitin tlga ang wp kesa sa android phone..
    kaya nga po wala pang “china phone” ang mga windows phone dahil hindi nila magaya..

    trapik sa kalsada, ang mga android, sila ang MRT, syempre ambilis ng biyahe naka aircon ka pa di ba..

    ang windows phone naman, naka teleport.. peace.

    tenkyu pala sa oras mo, dahil may natutunan din ako..

    hindi ko alam kung bakit ang laki ng galit nyo sa windows phone, eh samantalang hindi nyo pa naman nagagamit di ba.. wag ganun…
    gamitin nyo muna bago kayo magsalita.. tenkyu and God Bless Us.. ingat..

  7. ok sige ikaw na… baka pag pinagamit ko tong windows phone ko sayo baka magmuka kang taga bundok.hehehe.peace.. 🙂

    1. Try using your beloved rotten piece of sheet device in the mountains where there’s no data connection and you’ll wanna throw it. We live in the outdoors and have practical use of our devices. It’s helping us earn money and not just waste our time checking Facebook or Social Networks. We have serious business phones for the big boys, not Fisher Price toys for infants.

      Yours is Micro na, Soft pa. B-)

  8. halata ngang mangmang ka..hehehe
    kasi nagbabase ka lang sa nakikita mo at nalalaman mo..
    hindi ba pwedeng yung kaalaman mo na yun ay palawakin pa natin o dagdagan pa ntn ng konte, ying tipong ganun..
    may tanong lng ako, nakagamit ka na ba ng windows phone?? malamang hindi pa..

    sa phone mo ba ngayon na ginagamit ngayon meron ba jang microsoft word,excel,powerpoint??? malamang wala kasi di nman miicrosofy yan eh..
    yung tipong instant mong magagawa yung mga RESUME MO, MGa PASAHOD MO SA COMPANY MO etc.. na ang gamit ay cp lang?? at senf to bluetooth device printer..
    meron bang ganyan cp mo.. robot lng kasi cp mo, hindi kikilos hanggang hindi ka nagcocommand.. ang windows phone kasi may kusa sa lahat.. gagawin nyang mag isa ang gagawin mo palang.. AUTOMATIC SYNCING ang tawag don..

    may tanong pa pala ako, may laptop ka ba??
    anong OS?? baka kasi ang OS ng laptop mo ay yung microsoft na nilalait mo..hehehe
    naka windows 8 nb laptop mo?? cp ko kasi naka windows 8 na ito..
    baka 7 palang yan or xp ha..
    upgrade mo na.. peace yow… 🙂
    ah alam ko na naka mac ka..hehehe

    1. Read the writing on the wall and weep: HP TouchSmart convertible W8x64, Samsung XE700T1C-H02PH W8x64 3G, Nokia 808 PureView red 2x, white 2x, original casing and Skinomi whole body skin.

      And that’s just the business side. B-)

    2. You’d really have to be either a certifiable troll or indeed an idiot.

      Mac has Parallels and can now dual boot Windows x86. Also has Microsoft Office.

      Android has automatic syncing and MfE, not to mention ActiveSync, CalDav and CardDav support, the latter 2 not found currently in WP (as of writing).

      Android is the King of Sync. WP is just playing catch up. Even Symbian Belle was way ahead of Android.

      Now I truly believe you’re a troll.

  9. wow! pati fb dinadown mo nrn ah, pustahan tayo minuto-minuto ka rin nag e-fb.. bka nga yung mga walang kwentang mga bagay pinipicturan mo pa eh,, sabay upload.. at malamang puro selfie ka rin.. gamitin mo lumia 1020 para astig selfie mo super linaw…

  10. sa cp mo pala, ano pwede mong maipagmalaki saken yung titipong hahangaan ko ha.. hindi yung puro porma lanh ha at gimmik ha… peace… 🙂

    1. My 2010 N82 can do more than your 2013 WP device.

      Yes I use Windows 8 (soon Windows 8.1 x64 Pro) on my tablets, laptops, desktops (plural), Symbian and Android on my phones.

      WP has purpose: to keep children and infants entertained with animated dumbed down widgets known as tiles.

    2. My old Nokia N82 can record calls automatically, multitask while on a call to check the address book, the whole while still in a call check the Internet for some online details WHILE DOWNLOADING EVEN WHEN MINIMIZED – ALL WHILE STILL IN AN ACTIVE CALL. After the download is done while still on an active call I can send the XLS files I just downloaded to the person I’m still taking to using the same Nokia N82 phone.

      The Nokia N82 is single core 368MHz with TV out using the 3.5mm jack out.

      Beat that with ANY WP device.

  11. testing mo muna gumamit ng mga windows phone ok?? para malaman mo or maintindhan mo din yung sinasabi mo ok… idol ko pala yung 808 na sinasabi mo.. 41mp din kasi cam nun.. no comment ako jan, hindi sila talo..
    subukan mo lng gumamit ng lumia 1020 at ipagkumpara mo yung mga robot phone mo.. ikaw yung commander ng phone mo..
    yung tiles na nilalait mo pla sa mga lumia, ay yun lng nman po yung mga shortcut program apps.. wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa, direcho ka na agad don.. isang click lng pasok ka na..
    ikaw nakaka ilang ckick ka or swipe bago mkpasok sa isang program..

  12. may isa pala akong tanong sau, uulitin ko lang yung tanong ko sa mga previous comment ko sa itaas,

    nakagamit ka na ba ng windows phone???

    dahil kung makapag salita ka parang ikaw ang gumawa nung mga iyon eh.. puro hula at baluktot yung kaalaman mo tungkol don eh..
    gumamit ka kasi muna, para malinawan ka rin..
    baka ipagtabuyan mo yang mga robot phone mo pag natesting mong gumamit nun..hehehe.. 🙂

    1. Either you’re blind or stupid. Read my posts above. Through preview Nokia test drive and display units, I’ve extensively used several models. Unimpressive I returned them all. Simply put, WP is a downgrade from Symbian and Android.

  13. relax ka lang jan at wag mo ko awayin..
    tingin ko lang hindi ka pa nakakagamit ng mga windows phone at malaki talaga ang galit mo sa mga to kht di mo pa sila nagagamit..
    bumili ka muna ng isang wp gaya ng lumia 1020..
    tas gamitin mo sya ngayon, kalkalin mo lahat ng apps or program nya.. tsaka ka magsalita ng kung ano ano..

    hundi ko kasi alam kung tanga ka ba talaga o nagtatanga-tangahan ka lang..hehehehe peace tau tic..

    kasi base sa mga nakikita ko sa mga comments mo sa taas parang wala ka naman basehan or kaalaman ttungkol sa mga wp eh.. parang tao lang yan, “kilalanin mo muna bago mo husgahan” hindi yung husga nalang ng husga..

    ano bang unang ikinagagalet mo sa mga windows phone??
    sample nga jan..
    konte lang yung apps sa market??

    ok, para mas maintindhan mo, kahit factory default na apps ng mga lumia ay sapat na or usefull.. gaya ng ms office nila.. tulad mo bussines ka di ba..

  14. ano pala ang unang pinaka ayaw mo sa windows phone??
    bakit ganun nalang ang galit mo don??

    ako kasi, dati rin akong android user, walang syncing na nagaganap don, notification lang meron..
    kung ipagkukumpara ko ang android phone ko dati “samsung” dito sa windows phone ko ngayon, naku maniwala ka man o sa hindi tic, panis ang android ko dati..
    mahirap talagang tanggapin pero ayun ang totoo..

    binenta ko android phone ko kasi parang nakakasawa talaga..
    and then bumili ako windows phone para itesting naman dahil wala pa akong nakikitang gumagamit ng ganun..
    lahat kasi ng tropa ko ang ginagamit nila samsung,lenovo,xperia,blackberry,cherry,iphone,LG, puro ganun at walang naka nokia.. kaya nagpasya akong bumili ng nokia/windows phone..
    nung umpisa kong ginamit yung wp ko medyo nangangapa pa ako kung pano gamitin.. hanggang sa natutunan ko yung basic at hanggang sa natutunan ko rin yung advance uses nya.. kaya ayon..
    oo! aaminin ko, mas marami talagang apps ang mga android at konte naman sa windows phone..
    pero kht gano pa kadami ang mga apps ng android na yan, eh kung walang mga kwenta naman lahat wala rin..
    konte nga lang apps ng wp, pero atlis useful naman lahat diba… apir!!

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