Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910 Review: Future of Smartphone Charging

Wireless Charging FTW! Nokia Lumia 920.
Wireless Charging FTW! Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

The nice folks over at Nokia Philippines were kind enough to send us their Wireless Charging Stand (DT-910) to review here at Unbox. In the last few weeks we’ve come to appreciate how wireless charging works. Without the wires you can freely pick up the phone without the danger of yanking it from the plug. Perfect for people who use their phone as alarm clocks (when you need to snooze it) or those who get a lot of calls and texts while at work (easy to pick-up and then charge again after).

What it looks like without the phone
What it looks like without the phone

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand measures 112mm in height and weighs just 111 g. It’s actually easy to just store in a pouch or bag when you want to bring it with you. It comes in two colors: black and white. Personally I would have preferred it if they also made it in different colors to match the Lumia range but that would be a logistical nightmare for their stores, hehe.

So how does the wireless charging work? For starts you actually still have to plug the Wireless Charging Stand to a wall outlet. It comes with a wall charger that connects to the dock. After that you just need to turn on NFC on your device and place it on the stand. It will then automatically charge! Woot.

By the way, Nokia uses the Qi wireless charging standard which is also the same technology being used already by other smartphone manufacturers that are investing into wireless charging.

What it looks like from the back
What it looks like from the back

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There’s also an small LED light at the base station of the charging stand. It lights up when it’s actually charging your phone.

Like so.
Like so.

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand should work with the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, and 720. We were able to test it with the 920 and it worked wonderfully.

Unfortunately we can’t give a full recommendation if you should go on and buy it mainly because we don’t know yet how much it will sell for. Based on our research though it sells for around $99 on Amazon so that’s roughly Php4,000 locally. Definitely pricey for an accessory. It’s definitely convenient to have and it will get you a lot of comments should you decide to use this on your work desk, lol.

Personally I’d buy this if it came out but only if I had extra cash. That or I’ll set away like 1000/month and buy it after a few months. It’s not really urgent to have but if they do drop the price I’d pounce on it in a heartbeat.

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  1. Too expensive. I’d just save up more and get the JBL speaker/charger. Anybody knows where I can get a compatible AUX cable or car kit for the Lumia 920?

    1. No word yet from Nokia PH for official accessories. ๐Ÿ™

      I’m also waiting for the JBL Power Up Speakers and the Car Docking Charger (Wireless).

  2. Hi there! Do you know if this is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, or it’s purely for the listed phones above? I don’t like to buy a separate cover for my phone, but wireless charging is very attractive. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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