Notches Everywhere: OPPO’s R15 and R15 Plus Will Also Have A Notch

This may also be the design for the upcoming OnePlus phones

Notch up another one for upcoming phones that have a notch: OPPO’s upcoming R15 and R15 Plus will have an iPhone X-like notch on top.

It’s not all bad, as the leak suggests the new phones will also have very little bezels surrounding the screen. But a notch is a notch, and people who don’t like the way manufacturers are copying Apple’s design might stay clear from the R15 and R15 Plus.

Interestingly OPPO’s sister company OnePlus was heavily influenced by the OPPO R11s, with the OnePlus 5T having a near identical design. If that holds true this year, OnePlus 6 owners will have to get over their fear of the notch if they plan on buying the latest iteration of the flagship killer.



John Nieves

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  1. Notch after notch after notch. Haist… The notch trend is here. Blame it on Apple if you don’t like that notch (I don’t like it either). Anyway, after the dual cam camera trend, the notch came. But what’s next? Let’s see if Apple can come up with another trending design.

  2. A lot of people don’t like the notch. And yet some companies are so creative they want to look like apple’s X.

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