Nova 4e Key Specs Confirm Variants and Key Features

Fast charging is coming to Huawei’s mid-range line

A few days before Huawei unveils the Nova 4e (also known as P30 Lite globally), MySmartprice confirmed some key specs.

Aside from the selfie-centric 32-megapixel front camera, the Nova 4e will have a Kirin 710 processor and a 6.15-inch Full HD+ display. Two variants are confirmed: you can choose between the 4GB/128GB or the 6GB/128GB variants.

What is notable is the battery: while a 3340mAh cell is average these days, Huawei is bringing fast charging to its mid-range line—which fuels speculation that the Nova 4e will ditch the MicroUSB port for USB-C.


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