NVIDIA GTX 1060 Official Price Announced


AMD released the Radeon RX 480 over a week ago and the VR Ready GPU that can play all of the latest games on Ultra Settings at 1080p is priced at $200 (Php 9,417). It has also been dubbed the new King of Budget Graphics Cards. NVIDIA may dominating on the higher end of the spectrum with the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070, but for now AMD seems to be ruling the roost in most of the budget builds we’ve currently been seeing on YouTube. Of course, NVIDA isn’t about to take this lying down.

NVIDIA has had something in the works with their GTX 1060, but the price for this GPU hasn’t been released until early this morning. Poised to take on the RX 480, the NVIDIA GTX 1060 has been priced at $249 (Php 11,725) and will have the same Pascal architecture as its bigger brothers in the 10 series. It will have half the CUDA cores as the GTX 1080 (1,280 – Compared to the 2560 on the 1080), 6GB of GDDR5 memory, a boosted clock speed of 1.7GHz, and multiple display outputs, that include: an HDMI, DVI, and 3 Display Ports. According to NVIDIA’s website, it performs 3x better in VR tests and about 1.7x better when playing Overwatch compared to the GTX 960 in terms of speed and power efficiency.

Screenshot from the NVIDA website

As mentioned above, the GTX 1060 will be priced at $249 (Php 11,725), but a Founders Edition will also be sold at $299 (Php 14,084) with the release date for both set on July 19. Until then, we’ll have to monitor our sources for benchmarks to see how it stacks up against Team Red’s Radeon RX 480.

Source: The Verge

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