Obvious Hoax is Obvious: Don’t Put Your iPhone in the Microwave


No, iOS 8 doesn’t give your phone the microwave charging abilities

After iOS 8 was released, a hoax started circulating in Twitter and other social media networks about a new feature called Wave, which purportedly allowed your iOS 8 device to be charged using any household microwave. The more astute among you are already thinking hoax a second after reading that sentence, but there are apparently people out there that believe anything they see on the internet.

If it’s not obvious yet, a software update won’t magically give your iDevice the ability to defy the laws and physics and thermodynamics, and will destroy it. Let us make it perfectly clear: putting your iDevice inside a microwave and turning it on will destroy it. Just don’t do it.


Or you’ll end up like this guy.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


    1. i use apple but i’m definitely smarter than you.. Just making that comment without proper judgement makes you the master idiot of all idiots in the planet idiot, of system idiot, in the idiot galaxy, wandering the idiotic space of the idiotic universe.. The same goes for all haters.. 🙂

    2. Seriously ? Why do some really puts hatred on Apple Devices ? Is it because they cant afford it ? Is it Because they still havent used one device from Apple ? Let just be frank, Buying an iPhone is definitely worth the price. And not seeing that just proves that you cannot Buy it or you still havent handled one.

      1. You can easily own an iphone through gadget plans bundled with internet offered in our country. Anyone with descent income can easily own it without buying it directly in full price. It’s just a phone, and if it’s an iphone, it’s nothing special, people who own them are not special, your attitude is more special. If an iphone suits your personality, so be it, just don’t burn it.

        1. Wow I’m the best I know so much bullshit. I should open a website for reviews . that way I can samefag every post, every comment and reply.

          1. Baba naman ng level nito, post all you like, I don’t need na magpakababa sa level mo, matinong tao ito, di katulad mo, post lng ng post, di parin kasi makaget-over, atak lang ng atak, wag kang susuko, pero kahit kasi anong gawin mo, kung hanggang diyan lng alam mo, you’ll still be a loser every time, sa paggamit pa lng ng pangalan ko talo ka na. Read my thoughts na sa pagkahaba, dahil next time, I will not care. Piss off. I talk because I know, I don’t talk trash like you.

      2. It mostly stems from hatred of the apple fan boys. Arrogant snobs most of them are since the PC vs Mac era, a behavior promoted by their iGod Steve Jobs.

        I for one own a Mac and quite like it, it’s a well built design and i admire the engineering on their tech, but i despise the CEO and apple zealots that sue/downplays great tech without the fruit logo, spreads propaganda, lies, and nonsense.

      3. Unless you make in the excess of 100k per month, yes you can probably say buying iphone is worth it and you can afford one. Other wise STFU and stop trying to hard look and feel relevant.

        1. Have you once had to build your own dream house for couple of million pesos ? Im sure its worth it and you dont have to earn a million a month for that.

    3. Their new iOs 8 update is bugged, and i hated it, deleted all my apps, games, and pictures on my ipad. it did not happen in the ios7 update. And After downloading update again after it failed from 1st install, i encountered the 3194 error and that was very troublesome. I’m both an android and ios user and we’re not idiots. We are just users. To stereotype a product is ___ic like my pirated counterpart.

  1. It take’s an idiot to put a thousand dollar piece of handset to a microwave but, you’re an even bigger idiot to try it yourself!

  2. That is another form of wireless charging, only it doesn’t work. Hi unbox, pls. review cherry mobile’s new snapdragon omega aeon, thanks.

  3. last year’s IOS 7 update was the same. meron rumors of ios 7 na maging water-proof ang apple products after updating. madmami din nalunod phones nila at that time. people would believe anything now a days.

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