One Week with the Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV

Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV FTW! Christmas is Early!

Initial Review: Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV

I’ve seen a lot of gadgets enter my house in the last few years but none of them has made me squeal like a little high school girl (whut) except when I got the Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV. I could barely contain my excitement as the deliverymen put the box down and had me sign some papers. As soon as they left I had an urge to go Incredible Hulk and rip to box apart just so I can set it up already!

This level of excitement reminds me of the lit up eyes our cat, Tiffy, when she sees us bringing her food!

Meow? ๐Ÿ˜€

Cute right? XD Lol.

Anyway, this TV has been the ultimate entertainment display for us here at home. Combined with a PlayStation 3 (with PlayStation Move) and the JBL Soundbar Speakers, it has been an endless source of fun and, believe it or not, exercise for us. Read on to find out why!

Takes gaming to a whole new level!

The Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV has several awesome features but ultimately its main draw is the gorgeous and gigantic 50-inch screen that does FULL HD. That’s 1080p or 1920×1080 image resolution. The images and videos not only are bigger but the level of detail and smoothness of the animations is on a completely different level from what people are used to with normal TV sets. Solo gaming on this set-up becomes a highly engaging and immersive activity. In fact you’ll actually appreciate the power of the PS3 more since the games are displayed in amazing clarity!

NBA 2K13

Redefines “Social Gaming”

When people say “Social Gaming”, the first thing that comes to mind are games played on Facebook. Playing online is fun and all but nothing really beats having people in one room screaming and shouting while gaming! That is one of the biggest draws about having the Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV and a gaming console: it has enough “screen” for everybody, hehe.

The experience becomes richer if you get a motion-based accessory like the Microsoft Kinnect or PlayStation Move.

Perfect for the PlayStation Move!

Believe me when I say that having that set-up will get even your shyest friends to dance, hehe. Check out this short video we took when I had a few friends over. It was an insane night of Just Dance 4.

Boom! Hehe!

There are other titles too that you’ll enjoy more when you have the 50-inch canvass of the Devant. There are several sports games that will make you and your friends sweat like crazy. For PlayStation Move users there’s Sports Champion (1 and 2).

Sports Champion 2 on the PS3 (PlayStation Move)
Boxing via the PS Move on the Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV!

Blu-Ray and 3D: Real Home Movie Theater Experience!

Blu-Ray Discs with the Devant 3D Glasses

Last, but definitely not the least, you get a real home movie theater experience with the Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV. The gigantic screen and the stunning detail, crispness, and smoothness of the video and images will just leave you wanting more. We watched a couple of Blu-Ray discs and we were amazed with how much better the visuals were compared to watching it on a movie house! I know here in the Philippines people are crazy about DVDs but they’re definitely missing out a lot by not watching movies in Blu-Ray.

If you want something more immersive, you can get Blu-Ray titles that are in 3D. You can put on the 3D glasses that come with the Devant (bundled with two) and everything comes to life! We’ve watched several movies already in 3D including Transformers 3, Iron Man 2, and Thor. It still blows my mind that you can actually enjoy 3D movies at the comforts of your home these days.


The Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV opens up a whole new level of entertainment at home. Regardless if you’re just alone or you have friends over, it’s an amazing way to experience gaming and movies. Definitely giving this one two thumbs up!

The Devant 50-inch Smart 3D TV is now available in the market today and sells for around Php95,000 (will double check). It’s much more affordable to other brands who usually sell TVs like this one for well over Php130,000.

Watch out for our full review in the coming weeks ahead! We will definitely “put this through the paces”. ๐Ÿ˜›

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