OnePlus 6 Confirms Notch-Hiding Feature on the OnePlus 6

The best solution so far

With the criticisms about smartphone brands utilizing a notch, OnePlus’ Pete Lau addressed the concern at OnePlus’ forums. Under the “Let’s talk about screens” thread, Lau explained that while they did not consider adding a notch-hiding feature on the upcoming OnePlus 6 because they wanted to focus on “delivering an exceptional full-screen experience” for its users.

However, things did not go as planned, as users have mixed opinions about this feature. As a response, Lau said that they will “give everyone the ability to choose” when it comes to hiding the notch. The feature was first seen with Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro, and it is so far the best solution in addressing the notch issue.

With OnePlus, however, the notch-hiding feature will not be available with the OnePlus 6 at launch. Instead, they will be issuing a software update to add the feature.

Given the recent talks by both Lau and Carl Pei, the OnePlus 6 might be launching sooner than expected—possibly earlier than its reported June launch.



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