OnePlus’ Next Concept? Invisible Camera Modules

To first appear on the OnePlus Concept One Phone

When OnePlus teased its OnePlus Concept One Phone on Twitter, a lot were intrigued at the idea of an “invisible camera”. OPPO and Xiaomi are working on an under-display camera to conceal the front camera for an obstruction-free display. OnePlus’ concept, on the other hand, involves giving a clean, obstruction-free look to the back panel.

Working together with McLaren, OnePlus’ concept makes use of electrochromic glass that conceals the camera lenses when not in use. It is a technology McLaren uses for sunroofs, and OnePlus wants to use the same tech in smartphones. Here’s how the tech should work in theory:

Now try to picture that mechanism with the sketches OnePlus shared to Wired. Would this new tech result in a phone that is as elegant as a high-end car?


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