OPPO Brings An Almost Stock Android Exprience Via Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum

Don’t like ColorOS?

Just like their other Chinese peers, OPPO installs their own take on Android, dubbed ColorOS on all of their phones. The UI gives users plenty of customization options and gives Android a unique look, but some customers in Western markets aren’t keen on it.

OPPO’s been listening, and are releasing Project Spectrum, a more stripped down Android experience that has some of their ColorOS features but has the same user experience as stock Android.

The new, uncluttred OS is available for both the Find 7 and Find 7a, and will be released to more devices soon.

John Nieves

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        1. I see. Most likely you’ll have to order the said part from Alibaba or Aliexpress.

          Pero, how’s the VOOC battery and charger so far? Does the VOOC charger degrade the battery dahil it kinda overcharges the battery and all (yung tipong full charge pero madaling ma lowbat and all)?

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