5 Cool New Features of ColorOS 11

Around 28 OPPO phones will receive ColorOS 11

With Google making Android 11 (aka Red Velvet Cake) official last week, OPPO is one of the many brands that is working on its own spin on Android 11 with ColorOS 11. While Android 11  in its stock form has a number of very useful features, ColorOS 11 adds a few tweaks to make the whole user experience better than ever. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite ColorOS 11 features:

Three-Finger Translate

Admit it: Google Lens is a lifesaver when it comes to translating things you don’t understand when you are traveling to different countries. ColorOS 11 is making the whole Google Translate even better by letting you do a three-finger screenshot gesture to translate whatever it captures via screenshot. This feature is convenient, as it can translate images, webpages, apps, and more.

Create your own Wallpaper and Always-On Display graphic

Feeling creative? Aside from letting you customize icons with ColorOS 7, ColorOS now lets you create your own wallpaper and Always-On Display. For AOD, you can create your own artistic pattern on top of custom text. As for wallpapers, you can choose an image in your photo gallery and use it as a peg in creating your own abstract wallpaper.

Improved Dark Mode settings

Google has made Dark Mode a key feature since Android 9, and ColorOS 11 take things a notch by improving its compatibility with third-party apps—especially those that do not have native support for Dark Mode. This time, you have options for auto contrast and auto adapt for icons and wallpapers when in Dark Mode—all of them crucial in ensuring Dark Mode works smoothly throughout the whole UI.

Travel through the comfort of your phone

Introduced in ColorOS 7, OPPO Relax contains a compilation of sounds that can help with making you feel relaxed and less stressed. With this pandemic putting all of our travel goals to a halt, OPPO Relax now has a Sound of Cities collection. Made together with Music, the Sound of Cities contains recorded sounds from popular global cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, and Shenzen, so that you can hear and imagine what it is to be in these cities.

Ultra Steady Video and Ultra-Wide-Angle Integration

Since its Reno crop of phones last year, OPPO has introduced several camera features that has improved the way we shoot videos and photos on our phones. Features like super-wide-angle shooting and ultra steady video helped content creators improve their content, and OPPO is now letting developers make use of its exclusive features with ColorOS 11.


Which phones will be getting ColorOS 11?

OPPO is ambitious with the rollout of ColorOS 11, as it will make it available to around 28 different phones starting with the Find X2 series today and the global Reno 3 series and F17 Pro by the end of September. While OPPO will be rolling out a beta version, this is a big improvement for the brand compared to previous major Android updates.

Check out the roll-out timeline below:

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