OPPO Does Have a Folding Phone in the Works

It is not for mass production, however

With Samsung and Huawei showcasing their foldable phones to the public, OPPO revealed that they do have a foldable phone—though it is a prototype for now.

Instead of revealing it at MWC 2019 together with their 10x lossless zoom tech and their first 5G phone, OPPO decided to talk about their foldable phone in Weibo. In a post made by OPPO VP Brian Shen, OPPO’s prototype foldable phone looks similar to Huawei’s Mate X in terms of design. Unlike Huawei’s approach, OPPO’s foldable has thicker bezels and a dual camera setup (the Mate X had a Leica-branded triple camera setup).

Shen explained that they were supposed to reveal their foldable phone during their MWC 2019 press conference, but decided to cancel it because they don’t see any added value to the user experience—for now.

That being said, Shen teased that if they get enough positive responses, they might bring their foldable phone offering to mass production.


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