OPPO F3 Launching On May 4

The smaller selfie expert is landing in the Philippines next month

OPPO has already launched the bigger of their two new selfie experts a few weeks ago, but noticeably missing from the launch was the smaller, dual selfie-cam equipped F3. Well, we won’t have to wait long – the Chinese company has started sending out invites for the launch of the F3.

OPPO’s launching the F3 on May 4, so we’ll finally be able to see what the F3 brings to the table that its bigger brother, the F3 Plus, lacks. Not that the F3 Plus was a bad device – we found it pretty pleasant and fast when we reviewed it a few weeks ago. Of course, not everyone has the hand size to grasp a 6-inch phablet, and in that regard the smaller F3 may be just what people with dainty hands (i.e. women) have been waiting for.

You can expect the F3 to have a smaller display than the F3 Plus and a smaller battery as well, though we don’t foresee a big change in internals for the device.


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