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OPPO F5: What We Know so Far on the Specs and Features

Coleen Garcia takes a selfie with the OPPO F5 at the Star Magic Ball

OPPO F5 Debuts in the Philippines

OPPO Philippines announced at the Star Magic Ball 2017 that they will be officially unveiling and launching the OPPO F5 in Manila on October 26. This device has been shrouded in mystery ever since celebrities started teasing it a few weeks ago leading up to the Star Magic Ball last night. While we don’t have the specifications yet or the price, we do know some key features already based on the photos and “leaks”. Check them out below.

It will be OPPO’s Bezel-less Smartphone Offering

That’s a tall phone

The back photos of the device pretty much confirm that it will sport an 18:9 screen. This signals that the OPPO F5 will be the bezel-less offering of OPPO. This is timely as Vivo has already announced the Vivo 7+ (and they’re boasting that they’re selling well) and Huawei’s Nova 2i is also just around the corner. Even local brand Cherry Mobile is also in the bezel-less bandwagon with the Flare S6 and Flare S6 Plus, both of which are due on October 12.

It will come in Red

Teaser material of the OPPO F5

As for the colors we expect that the OPPO F5 will come in at least BLACK and RED. This was confirmed by the posters that were spotted in airports and malls featuring Sarah Geronimo and Alden Richards. OPPO’s staple gold model is missing but maybe they will still offer it and they just opted to showcase the red variant in their posters. We will know for sure come launch day.

Source of Photo: NoypiGeeks

The Fingerprint Sensor will be at the Back

Julia Baretto with the OPPO F5

Usually OPPO has the fingerprint sensor at the home button. The OPPO F5 will have the fingerprint sensor placed at the back, which is our favorite spot for it. Hopefully succeeding OPPO models will follow this change moving forward.

No Dual-camera at the back but Maybe at the Front

OPPO F5 at the Star Magic Ball

And last, but definitely not the least, is that OPPO will buck the rear dual-camera trend. The photos that we’ve seen clearly show just one camera at the back. Our bet is that the front camera set-up will feature a dual-camera but we can’t confirm 100% as there hasn’t been a single photo yet showing the front of the OPPO F5.

What do you guys think of the OPPO F5? Is it something that excites you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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