OPPO Just Patented A Phone With A Pop-up Display

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Manufacturers are always on a lookout for new ideas to set themselves apart from the crowd, but OPPO’s recently patent filings for two new smartphone designs are bizaare, to say the least.

Two new patent applications obtained by the folks over at Lets Go Digital show unusual designs from the Chinese company. The first patent is a for a smartphone with a miniature pop up display that pops out from the top of the chassis. It looks like the photo below:

It’s a weird design, one that’s wildly impractical and completely unnecessary. What’s the second display even for?

The second patent makes a bit more sense, since it’s basically a screen that slides out from the main display, essentially doubling the phone’s display real estate.

OPPO’s patent applications don’t guarantee that they’ll be making these devices a reality, but it still offers a glimpse at the ideas that the company is willing to commit to paper to try and differentiate their products from the rest of the market.


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