OPPO Preps for the Launch of the F3 in a Big Way

OPPO is Going All Out for their New Selfie Expert

We’re about a week out from OPPO’s unveiling the follow up to their highly successful selfie-centric smartphones in the F1 series, the OPPO F3. The trio of smartphones that include the OPPO F1, F1 Plus, and the OPPO F1s had a big hand at getting the Chinese brand top market share in their homeland and, as of late last year, the climb to second here in the Philippines. We don’t know much about the OPPO F3 and F3 Plus in terms of specs, but what we do know is that the device will be equipped with a dual front camera, much like the Vivo V5 Plus. Will the OPPO F3 and OPPO F3 Plus capture the hearts of the consumers? Only time will tell but, given the way that the Chinese company has been hyping up the launch in multiple countries, it’s safe to say that OPPO seems to think so.

Check out all these pictures and the impressive way OPPO has been getting people psyched for their soon-to-be released duo of Selfie Experts.

Clearly, the winner here is their setup in Jakarta, but wow is OPPO putting a lot of moolah into the marketing into this device. As we mentioned above, we’re about a week away from its official launch in the Philippines and you can be certain that we’ll have a quick hands-on with the two devices to share with you when they hit our shores.

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