OPPO Teases Under-Display Camera-Sporting Phone Ahead of Official Unveiling

A pop-up-free Find X?

Ahead of its official unveiling at MWC Shanghai 2019, OPPO released a teaser video of its under-display camera tech.

The 15-second video showcased OPPO’s phones through the years and how the brand managed to trim down the top bezel until it has practically ditched the notch and keep the top bezel razor thin without a need for any moving mechanism. The last three all-screen phones OPPO has launched—namely the Find X, Reno, and F11 Pro—all made use of a moving mechanism for the front camera (and the rear cameras as well with the Find X).

Towards the end of the video, OPPO’s under-display camera tech is presented on a phone that closely resembles the Find X. The stealthy camera is highlighted by a glowing circle on the display when activated via the app—confirming the first teaser video OPPO posted a few weeks back. The video only showed the phone’s front, and we presume that the phone will be thinner, at least in theory, since there are no moving parts to cram inside the body.

While OPPO has not disclosed yet the inner workings of their under-display camera solution, the closest guess is that they might a transparent display solution similar to Xiaomi’s under-display camera tech.

Given that the working prototype made use of what looks like a Find X, OPPO’s under-display camera might make it to the next Find phone.

We will know more about this tech on June 26, so stay tuned to the site for updates.

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  1. Another exciting tech from the Chinese, I won’t be surprised if brands like oppo or xiaomi to over take Apple and of course the US will use the ban hammer again.

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