OPPO to Launch their Own Fast Wireless Charger

Say hello to AirVOOC

Aside from OnePlus, OPPO is set to launch its own fast wireless charging solution. Dubbed AirVOOC, OPPO’s solution can provide up to 40w of wireless charging—higher than OnePlus’ offering, which is at 30w. 

The AirVOOC charger was spotted in a listing on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Photos of the charger show a gray tray for placing the phone and what looks like a spinning fan beside it. Underneath the charger are vent holes to dissipate heat. While the max output is listed at 65w, we presume that this is through a wired connection. Also worth noticing is the cable connector, which appears to be a proprietary port.

The AirVOOC charger is expected to debut together with the Ace2 on April 13.


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