OPPO’s Upcoming F5 Has A 18:9 Display, Selfie AI

OPPO has finally revealed more information about their upcoming device

After relentless teasing on social media, OPPO has finally spilled the beans on some of the details of their upcoming F5 smartphone. As expected, the F5 is their first ever phone with a 18:9 “bezel-less” display panel, sporting a resolution of full HD+ (2160 x 1080). This allows the phone to be able to run apps via split screen for better multi-tasking.

More interestingly, OPPO is boasting a feature called A.I. Beauty Recognition technology, which it says uses artificial intelligence to recognize skin tone and type, the gender andĀ age of all subjects within an image and analyze environment lighting conditions by referencing other facial images from a massive global photo database, to beautify a selfie shot.

OPPO’s selfie smarts on the F5 scans more than 200 facial recognition spots, learning the unique facial features of a subject (for example – the nose, cheek, lower jaw etc.), to make the best enhancements for each image, regardless of the facial expressions or shooting angle. The A.I. will self-learn and enhance each shot, as it takes more and more selfies.

OPPO’s new smartphone is expected to debut in October 26 in the Philippines.

John Nieves

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  1. The A.I. will self-learn and enhance each shot, as it takes more and more selfies. Talaga lang Oppo?

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