Otterbox acquired Wrapsol, set to offer High-Quality Screen Protectors

Otterbox Cleary Protected Screen Protector product line
Otterbox Cleary Protected Screen Protector product line

Otterbox Clearly Protected Product Line now in the Philippines

For some reason we missed the news bit that Canadian case-maker Otterbox acquired Wrapsol. To those who don’t know Wrapsol is one of the best whole-body wrap protector makers for mobile devices. They’re so good that you’ll feel your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is brand new once you put it on, lol. Anyway, the result of the acquisition is a new product line called the Otterbox Clearly Protected. There are four variants which offer different features. Check out the list below and their respective qualities.

  • Otterbox Clearly Protected 360 – protector for the back and front of your device.
  • Otterbox Clearly Protected Vibrant – “clear-type” screen protector.
  • Otterbox Clearly Protected Clean – “matte-type” screen protector.
  • Otterbox Clearly Protected Privacy – viewing angles are limited so that those beside you won’t be able to see what’s on your screen.

All four variants have a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that correctly. LIFETIME WARRANTY. That’s how confident Otterbox is with this line-up. Apparently they used some sort of high-strength, self-healing polyurethane material for it.

The good news is that we’ve confirmed during the recent Unbox Video Podcast episode that all four variants are now available in the Philippines! WOOT. You can actually go to an Otterbox kiosk today and get one for your iPhone 5 or iPad (2/3/4). To know more about Otterbox Clearly Protected (and even their new Armor series) watch the latest episode of the Unbox Video Podcast which we’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Just skip to 16:28 if you want to get straight to the Otterbox segment.

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