Otterbox Commuter Series for HTC Desire S

Otterbox Commuter Series for the HTC Desire S!

Otterbox Commuter Series for the HTC Desire S

When it comes to gadget protection we only trust one brand: Otterbox. We have it on our iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook, iPhone 4, and hey if they come up with something for the MacBook Pro we’ll probably get one as well. Anyway, we just got a unit of the HTC Desire S and the first thing we did after unboxing was to go to Theater Mall, Greenhills to buy the Otterbox Commuter Series to keep it safe. Note that we buy only authentic Otterbox products. The rip-offs are cheap imitations with low-quality materials and they probably can’t even protect your phone properly.

Check out the photos below and don’t forget to read the captions for our impressions/review.

The Otterbox Commuter Series is made up of two pieces. The first is the silicone skin that distributes and absorbs the shock from falls. The next is a polycarbonate shell that gives it even more protection and security.
The Otterbox Commuter Series and the HTC Desire S side-by-side!
Putting the case on is easy. Just insert the HTC Desire S in the silicone skin and then slide it in the polycarbonate shell. Tadaaa! Btw, the package comes with a screen protector as well. Gives the total product more value for money.
Here's what the back looks like. By the way, you still get access to all of the ports and controls. There's a cover that you can flip open for the mini-USB charging slot and the audio jack at the top of the phone.
iPhone 4 in Otterbox Commuter Series (Black/Yellow). HTC Desire S in Otterbox Commuter Series. Win-win.

Pricing, availability

The Otterbox Commuter Series for the HTC Desire S sells for Php2,150. Yes it’s more expensive than the silicone back covers in Vmall that you get for less than Php500. However this case not only makes your phone look good but it also gives superb protection. Personally I find it a good investment since it protects a gadget that’s easily 10x the cost of the case.

For the HTC Desire S there’s only black. The iPhone 4 model has more variants (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black). Hopefully we’ll see those with other models in the future.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Hi Carlo!

    I just got this today for my HTC Desire S Phone because I read it here in Unbox. They were selling it at Glorietta…forgot which Glorietta side number, but it’s right by the walkway leading to The Ramp/Cinderella. So nice and I have been looking for a proper casing for the phone. And you’re right, this is a great investment.

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