Otterbox Commuter Series iPhone 4 Review

Packaging of the Otterbox Commuter Series (iPhone 4)

Otterbox Commuter Series iPhone 4 Review

Otterbox is one of my favorite brands when it comes to cases for my gadgets. In fact we’ve featured several already here at Unbox including the Otterbox Defender Series for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Otterbox Defender Series for the iPad 2, and the Otterbox Reflex Series for the iPhone 4. The newest product to land on our lap is the Otterbox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4.

Just like other Commuter Series products, the actual case is divided into two parts – the hard polycarbonate shell and the rubbery silicone guard. Joined together this gives your iPhone 4 superb protection while still giving it a unique and fashionable look. The Commuter Series comes in different colors like Blue, Red, Pink, White, and even Yellow.


Nice, simple, and straightforward box

The Otterbox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4 comes in a simple yellow box with a plastic transparent face so that you get a good view of the actual product. At the back you’ll find all of the important information about it as well. To open just pop up the top part and pull out the tray with all the contents.

What’s inside? You’ll find the actual case and inside it a container which has a few extras namely the screen protector and a microfiber cloth. Pictures below.

What's inside? Of course the case. Hehe.
Screen Protector and microfiber cloth

The Actual Case

Beautiful in Yellow and Black!

Like what we said earlier, the Otterbox Commuter Series has two layers of protection. The first one is the black silicone skin which helps a lot in absorbing the force of any forms of impact. The next layer is the yellow hard (but flexible) polycarbonate exoskeleton/frame.

The two layers of protection

Putting the phone in is easy. Slip the iPhone 4 in the silicone skin and then snap on the polycarbonate frame starting from the top. You might want to insert the audio jack cover first since that’s the only tricky part about this case. After putting it on just massage the sides gently until all sides are aligned perfectly. Here’s what it should look like after:

Otterbox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4 all good to go!


The Otterbox Commuter Series gives great protection and at the same time it makes your iPhone 4 look good. I personally love the contrast between Yellow and Black so this product was an instant must-buy for me. It also looks nice when paired together with my AKG K 518 Limited Edition Headphones.

How much? The Otterbox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4 sells for Php2,150. Worth every centavo if you ask me.

Available in various Apple resellers in malls like Power Mac Center and Digital Walker. You can also look for the Otterbox kiosks.

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