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Philippine Government Gives APEC World Leaders MyPhone Tablets


Special Edition and Personalized Tablets

It looks like APEC World Leaders got a gadget gift from the Philippine government! All of them received a special edition MyPhone Windows Tablet with their names engraved at the back of the device. We don’t know yet what particular model this is or what the specifications are.

CNN Philippines Anchor Pia Hontiveros posted the photos of the tablet.


We’ll try to check with MyPhone what the specifications are (we think it’s a dual boot tablet which can do Android and Windows). Hopefully these tablets are specced out considering the recipients are world leaders, hehe. ^^;

Update: We can confirm that this is an unreleased tablet of MyPhone. It’s not commercially available yet.

So… can you guys imagine Barrack Obama rocking this tablet? XD

Source: Pia Hontiveros’ Twitter Account

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.


    1. Cheap dahil? Filipino brand ang binigay na token? Hindi mo pa nga alam ang specs at kung magkano binebenta. Utak kolonyal ang taong to.

    1. 4:30 pm natapos apec. 5:15 lumipad paalis na si Xi. Siguro natakot cya baka habulin sya ng mga bisita para ipa repair yung mga unit.

      1. At pag natanggal naman tayo, eh babagsak na ekonomiya ng pinas, wala nang foreign trade. On behalf of everyone, thank you MyPhone.

    1. Mabuti na rin na myphone ang ineregalo. Kesa iphone o samsung na brand na hindi naman sa atin. Im using cherry mobile phone and i dont find our local brands cheap seriously.

      1. Yep why this people think myphone is cheap?
        Have they forgot they are pinoy?

        Palibhasa mga utak, porket mahal maganda, class tsk tsk tsk

        1. Wait, so being “pinoy” mandates someone to automatically appreciate Myphone products? Your logic confuses me.

          Yes, hindi determination ang “price” kung gaano ka-classy ang isang bagay. But it would have been more classy to give the apec participants something inherently “Philippine-made” rather than a mass-produced cheap tablet.

  1. Due to security reasons, these leaders won’t even use this. They will only use secured or encrypted devices. Pang display lang nila.

  2. Sana nga Redfox prods na lang binigay rebranded nmn yung binigay ntin eh. atleast kung redfox, kahit di lahat ng components dito nanggaling, atleast sgurado ang assembly, sa atin.. oh well, i hope the specs were very high.

  3. who cares kung cheap, dapat lang sa kanila yan. bat bibigyan sila ng samsung tablets sayang lang budget sa mga taong yan yayaman na ng mga yan

  4. Hindi siguro gagamitin to ni Obama dahil maski phone niya ay kailangan secure connection. Maiba ako, andami pa ring colonnial minded sa mga nagcocomment dito. Ang Japan at Korea, nagsimula din na di maganda ang quality ng mga produkto nila.

  5. That’s actually a really smart gift. Ang baggage ng Pilipinas kaya nahihirapan umunlad ay yung mga taong tulad ng mga nagcomment dito na cheap itong gift just because it’s a MyPhone-branded gadget. Mga taong backward magisip. Props to whoever decided to make this the official gift to the world leaders for thinking like a Swede or a Japanese and trying to push the boundary despite criticism coming from common ignorance.

    1. This just my opinion, but are so saying na bawal mag-disagree?

      Yes, it is cheap. It is a re-branded device manufactured abroad. It would have made more sense had the other world leaders been given something which better represents Philippine culture.

      But then again, I guess my disagreeing with the whole “apec tablet” concept is forbidden on this particular part of the internet.

      1. Nobody said you were forbidden to disagree. You’re very much welcome to disagree ultramike. Don’t worry, they’ve been given a lot of stuff from the MSMEs and a lot of the delegates made orders from local designers and producers of furniture, accessories that “better represent[s] Philippine culture”. The SALT Lamp in itself is already a great example of Filipino ingenuity. What I was trying to say here was that the thinking behind the decision to make this a token has some ingenuity in itself – which, to be logically clear, not mutually exclusive with the ingenuity of the other products mentioned. It’s still a product of the Philippines despite the rebrand which is besides the point (read: supply chains, offshore manufacturing) but it’s quite ingenious because it doesn’t box the country’s export quality products to the one’s they’d expect from a small group of islands in the West Pacific. It’s a statement item. And I’ve reviewed some MyPhone products for some time, it’s reliable but not top notch by any means, but hey, the Sonys, Samsungs, Xiaomis and Nokias of the world started somewhere before the world took notice right? Let’s not just shake our heads every the time someone fights for local brands because it’s inferior to one’s eyes (sadly our own). Let’s give it the extra push instead, which got Japan, Korea, Finland and so many others, ahead of us. We used to be such a glorious and proud nation, let’s be once again starting with making waves in the international community.

  6. Another reason why it’s also very smart – it screams “our top export is semiconductors” which is a huge statement given that APEC is focused on trade and promotion of local businesses. Obviously, the world leaders aren’t going to use this professionally or as an everyday gadget who are we kidding. It’s merely symbolic, so a myphone tablet does the job 😉

    1. Really? No disrespect to your opinion, but I can hardly imagine anyone looking at any electronic device and the first thing that pops into their head is

      “I wonder which country produced the semiconductors for this?”

      But on a more serious note, wouldn’t it be a bit more symbolic if the gifts given to them were, I don’t know, pieces of art showcasing scenery or milestones of Philippine history? Instead of a mass-produced, re-branded tablet made somewhere else?

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