Philippine P10/P10 Plus Units May Be Spared From Huawei’s Memory Debacle

It looks like the affected units are single SIM phones meant for China and Europe

Despite the strong reception of their P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei has managed to shoot themselves in the foot by essentially using two kinds of memory for the flagships. The phones, as flagship devices, should have sported UFS 2.1 storage and LPDDR4 RAM, but some users noticed that a bunch of P10 and P10 Plus’ had LPDDR3 RAM and UFS 2.0 (or even sometimes eMMC 5.1). In a nutshell, Huawei used inferior memory chips that was not what they advertised to be in their phones.

While Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu has already acknowledged the issue and their rather arrogant handling of the problem, the issue remains – there’s now P10 and P10 Plus smartphones floating in the wild with the slower chips. The biggest question here is this: does the P10 and P10 Plus smartphones being sold in the PH have the crappier memory chips?

From what we could gather in the different Huawei Facebook Groups, the affected phones are lower-spec’d P10 and P10 Plus, with model numbers L09 and L19, mainly single SIM variants that are supposed to be sold in China and Europe. From what we can tell Huawei is only selling the higher-end variants of both phones in the Philippines, which aren’t affected by the storage problems.

One way you can figure out if your phone is affected is by downloading AndroBench in the Google Play Store and running the benchmarks associated with it. If your phone gets Sequential Read speeds of above 500 Mb/s, you’re safe.

That doesn’t mean that all official Huawei P10 or P10 Plus units are safe though – ultimately an announcement from Huawei would be the best way to assuage potential customers that the problem isn’t there. This post isn’t a guarantee that flawed phones won’t show up at a later date, but right now it seems like we’re safe for the time being.

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  1. Too bad, I was planning to buy the P10 Plus but this will really cause potential buyers to hesitate. tsk3 bad move and this happens when you are gaining popularity.

  2. i just bought my p10 plus yesterday, i believe Philippines is spared from this mess. my model number is L29, with ddr4. just checked it last night. =)

  3. Well I have one when I renewed my contract with Globe yestserday and with what I have which is the L29 (dazzling blue) and so much to say the read/write speed of my phone was around 800 mb/s.

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